Going to the Chapel

Oh what a pickle!  Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I have two wedding officiants.  Some people are struggling to find one and we have one too many!  It is kind of a funny story really.  So sit back, grab a glass of sangria and I will tell you about how we ended up with two people officiating our wedding.

It all started with my parent's marriage.  My dad went to Catholic school and ended up becoming friends with one of his teachers who just so happened to be a priest (a very young priest probably only 3-4 years older than my dad).  When it came time for Mama CS and Papa CS to get married he asked his friend, the priest, to marry them.  They didn't get married in the Catholic church.... scandal!  But since they were friends the priest agreed to do it for Papa CS.

Fast forward 4 years and this same friend/priest (friest if you will) baptizes me.  Lets get in the time machine once again to present day.  The priest is working in DC and I have met him a couple of time overs the course of my living here.  Once Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I get engaged I convince Cuke that we MUST have the priest who married my parents officiate our wedding as well.  Mr. Cucumber Sammie agrees and I set off to find the friest.

An email, a few phone messages and a couple of months later and no reply from the friest.  Nobody has any updated contact information for him or thinks he left his 'job'.  Basically there is no way to track him down.  Finally in desperation, I call his 'job' and see if they have any forwarding information.  They tell me he has moved and can forward an email for me but can't tell me his information.

This all happened over the course of months and in my mind I had to start forming a plan B.  Plan B was to have someone we know perform the wedding ceremony.  After months of ruminating over this plan B, I start to love plan B!  I can have total control over writing the ceremony.  I won't have to worry about any restrictions the friest might have or want to include.  I can be in charge and I love to be in charge!!

Our roles became reversed and Mr. Cucumber Sammie couldn't imagine a wedding without the friest.  Finally after convincing him to come to the dark side or the plan B side, he is on board.  I tell him we are never going to hear from the friest and if this was any other vendor he would have fired them already.  Good point.  We ask BIL CS to be our officiant.  Bada bing, bada boom, done!  Except......

No more than 12 hours after we ask Officiant #1 (BIL CS), I get a voicemail from the friest.  He would love to officiate the wedding and can't wait to talk to us more about it.  He says he is saving the date!  Ahhhh.

So now we have two officiants!  We can't tell either one never mind because we want them both to do it.  We are just going to have to figure out a plan where they are both included.  I have a feeling this is going to be so much easier said than done.

Any suggestions for two officiants?  Run into any snafus while wedding planning?!

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