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I have been bridal-brainwashed.  My wedding will be a total failure unless I hand make........ Napkin Rings!  (Please note that in the weeks to come that sentence will probably change several times stating various failures).  I have no idea why this has become such an issue especially since Congress Hall has some lovely dinner plates which I am sure would look just fine sans napkin ring.
{Congress Hall
I think the craziness comes from the lack of color in our floral arrangements.  They are hopefully, mostly going to be fluffy white hydrangea in white milk glass.  Boring!  This table clearly screams for colorful napkin rings!

I would love to do something like this:
Colorful and fun!{Image via Country Living}
Or this:
Love the monogram {Image via MayaMade}
But there is no way either one of those is probably going to happen.  I don't own a sewing machine so option 1 is out and I am in no way crafty enough to do option 2.

Lets talk about something a little more my speed.  First up a napkin ring that is slutting it up all over the internet right now.  The Martha Stewart pom
Beautious {Martha Stewart}
This would be a great way to add some color.  I could totally do these in orange.  But I don't know if I am that 'crafty' which is my code word for 'I am lazy'.  I would probably get through about 5 of the 125 that I need and take a nap instead. 
{Martha Stewart}
Oh yeah.  Now we are talking.  Easy, check.  Cheap, probably.  But is it too easy/ not enough of an impact?  If I am going to spend hours making something I want people to notice I made it, GD it!

And last but not least an easy paper one from iDiy.
{Image via iDIY}
Again, super easy.  But I think lace might be taking our decor into a place I don't really want to go.  However if I did lace then I could but lace on the votive candles..... .ooooh options.  Now I am getting carried away.

What do you think?  Should I go with the easy less of an impact or the paper poms which will most definitely drive me crazy?  Or should I just give up now and realize that I am never going to do either of those options.

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  1. if you have a bunch of people that are willing to help, i say go for it!