Sandwiched Together: Mawwiage

Onward and upward to the whole purpose of this lavish weekend.... the wedding ceremony.

After our first look, we took a couple of minutes to take pictures with the rest of our family and our bridal party.

All photos by the lovely and inspiring Girl Photography

Our guests gathered in the courtyard of Congress Hall and perused the programs, signed our 'postcard guest book, grabbed a handkerchief, and picked up their place card.

Soon it was time for me to make my grand entrance  for Mr. CS and myself to get married.

Our officiants make their way down the aisle
Mr CS waiting patiently

In an effort to calm my nerves, PapaCS kept repeating all the way down the aisle 'her mother and I do' (the typical response to who gives this woman away?) even though I told him multiple times that line was not in our ceremony.  So silly!

And we were ready for the ceremony to begin.  Side note: the guests all faced in towards Congress Hall instead of out to the ocean.  I would have loved for them to face the ocean but Daniella (our DOC) helpfully pointed out that if they faced the ocean then they would be staring into the sun.  Fun for no one!  Something to consider when planning the orientation of your wedding guests.  

Coming up next: Ceremony Wording

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Sandwiched Together: First Look

"The one where I almost ruin my make-up"

Mr. CS and I decided to have a first look.  Well actually, I decided to have a first look and needed to use my powers of persuasion to convince Mr. CS.  I had a couple reasons for doing a first look (1. amazing photos, 2. getting to spend some alone time with Mr. CS, 3. hanging out with our guests during cocktail hour 4. did I mention the photos?) but the one that convinced Mr. CS was: getting to eat our bloody mary oyster shooters at cocktail hour.  Hey, whatever works!

Age before beauty so Mr. CS got into place and I walked towards him.

All photos courtesy of the impeccably talented Girl Photography

After the first look we had a little bit of time to take some couples portraits.

being silly

I loved having a first look.  It was perfect getting to spend some quiet, alone time with Mr. CS on our wedding day before the madness of the ceremony and reception.  Even though we were 'posing' for photos we still got to talk about the start of our day and our excitement about the upcoming wedding. 

I know some people forgo the first look because they want to see their spouse for the first time coming down the aisle.  I don't think having the first look in anyway diminished the anticipation and love I felt walking down the aisle and seeing Mr. CS.

Coming up: The Ceremony

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Sandwiched Together: Beauty Base Zero

The big day final arrived!  I popped out of bed at a reasonable 5:15am and wrote my last weddingbee post as a Misses.  Then off to get even more beautiful.

As you may remember, I was super excited about getting ready in Congress Hall.  I order a tiny breakfast spread and waited for my ladies and stylist.

I am going to let the pictures do the talking of my pre wedding 'getting ready' experience.... but in reality it has been three years and I really don't remember much :)

All photos courtesy of the amazing and wonderful Girl Photography

I told Mia that my inspiration for my hairstyle was 'playful ballerina'.  Of course this required a demonstration of my ballerina skills to go along with my ballerina hairstyle.

My fabulous orange shoes
Meanwhile across the street Mr. CS was getting ready too.

Love his orange tie

Isn't he dashing :)

Our flowers arrived from Manic Botanic

*Don't worry I will include lots of pretty flower pictures later*

Mr. CS and I exchanged wedding day presents.  Even though I don't think it was necessary it was very fun to have a gift exchange with Mr. CS.  It was a nice little reminder that I was thinking of him and he was thinking of me.

Boxer cuff links in honor of our pickle puppy

Before I knew it, I was slipping into my dress and off to our first look.  Lets check in with our guests, shall we?
personal photo
personal photo
personal photo

I put MamaCS's family to work and made them put together the cookie jars for our cookie table.  They are the best!  I also love that I got to see what they were doing while I got ready via our flickr site. 

Up next: Our first look!

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