Make Me Lose Control

The Knot has oh-so-helpfully informed me that today there are less than 100 days until my wedding.  (Doesn't anyone else hate that damn countdown?).  I figure with only about 3 more months to go, I need to step up my collections.  As I mentioned previous, I am collecting milk glass for our centerpieces.  What I don't think I have mentioned is that we also want to use vintage books as part of our tablescapes.  It is definitely not a new concept on the wedding blogosphere (but when I thought of it, I thought I was ooooh so original).

Today I want to share my favorite haunts for building these collections of milk glass and old books.  If you live in DC I hope you find these helpful.  If not, sorry :(

After my mild panic about having less than 100 days left, Sammie Sister and I hit up the Georgia Ave. Thrift Store in NW DC.  When we walked in the door they were having Ladies 50% off for the next five minutes.  I made a mad dash around the store until I realized they weren't talking about ladies getting 50% off, just ladies' clothing.  Oh well.  There was no milk glass to be found but don't worry I didn't come home empty handed.

Some books and what is that in the back......
An old milk container!
I have no idea what I am going to do with the milk container but I thought it looked neat so I scooped it up.  I don't think the Martha Stewart Cookbook will fit in with the decor but who can pass on Martha?  The white book isn't very vintage-y but the title is "Girlfriend Material" so I thought it might be fun on a table.  All this for the rock bottom price of $7.00!

While $7 is good, I know I can do better.  This weekend Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I headed over to Eastern Market.  Eastern Market is a DC landmark and if you are ever in DC on a nice weekend it is a must visit.  Pickle Puppy and I will even meet you there!  This weekend was kind of rainy so it was not a fruitful visit.
Eastern Market on a nice day (Image via Beyond DC)
We did make one stop at Capitol Hill Books.  I went inside for a hot second but quickly came back out when I realized the books were a tad expensive.  $12 was too much for me to spend on one book for a wedding centerpiece that I probably will not keep.  But what is that I spy on a table out front?  A 'free' sign?!?  How could I have missed it?  On the table was a beautiful Physician's Desk Manual in Navy (!), a wedding color... score.
I promise my photos get better
Well four books does not a tablescape make so I am going to have to do a lot more hunting.  I definitely plan on going back to Capitol Hill Books to check out their 'free' table.  Another stop on the wedding stuff train is Goodwill of DC.  I, surprisingly, have not had much luck at the one near my house but I have heard of countless people who swear by it.  I might have to go check out another location.  I am also waiting on a couple of books sales by libraries in the area.  Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I went to a library book sale once and got probably 35 books for $10.00.  We found the sale driving by the library but this website; Book Sale Finder seems to be very helpful.

And now the jem in my collection.  Drum roll please..... Weschler's Auction House.  I L.O.V.E. this place.  It is an old fashioned auction house complete with auctioneer (seriously like you see on t.v.; canIget5dollars5dollarsanyonefor5dollar1dollar1dollar).  They have an auction every Tuesday and I have only been once but I am counting the days until I can go again.  I am super confident that I will find tons of vintage books and other useful trinkets.

Don't believe me how A-mazing it is..... I got a 8 piece set of Noritake China for $120!  Complete with gravy boat and serving platter.
Gorgeous... I know! (Image via Replacements)
Anyone have must go places for wedding goods?  Any suggestions for DC?


  1. Are you looking for only vintage books? I just finished reading Nora Roberts Bed of Roses (it's part of a series about 4 friends and the wedding business they run and how they all get married). I will send it to you. It's hard backed and navy blue. There are no embossed letters on the spine to give it a title, so you could write on it. Email me if you want me to mail it to you! sandytoesbride at gmail dot com

  2. This is a great list, lady! I LOVE Eastern Market! Have you been to the Crepe truck by the pool? YOU MUST! I didn't have much luck finding vintage stuff around here, but I did get a lot a little further out, in the Harrisonburg and Shenandoah area! I have TOOONS of milk vases should you can borrow for your big day!!

  3. oh man, i have so much to discuss with you! i'd LOVE to go to the auction with you - please let me know if you go again! i adore the book idea too...i have a (navy) vintage ms. manners if you want to borrow it! oh and i think we might have the same china - my mom got my set at a yard sale on LBI a couple summers ago!