Hook, Line and Sinner

It WORKED!!  After my post on my floral inspiration, the florist sent me a quote.  (Dear Blogland, I would like $1 million dollars.  Just throwing it out there).  And the best part is the quote is a number Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I are thrilled with.  I am about to start playing the lottery soon because it is coming up all aces for Miss CukeSammie.  The magical florist is still about $500 more than the other two but would I pay $500 for peace of mind about our centerpieces being gorgeous!?!?  You betcha.

Starting the florist search seemed rather daunting.  For some reason I was completely overwhelmed by the number of options.  I searched many sites including TheKnot, WeddingWire and even the hive's vendor reviews.  Every search left me more and more confused.  Finally I went back to the basics and started with the venue provided vendor list.  Congress Hall had about 10 vendors listed for florist.  For whatever reason, in the beginning I was hesitant about contacting them.   I think a part of me thought I could get a better deal by going with someone not on that list.  I know how ridiculous that sounds.  I mean, they are on the preferred vendor list for a reason.   

I looked over each florists website and made a list of my top 5.  I ruled out anyone coming from Philadelphia because even though it is only 2.5 hours away I figured they would probably charge a pretty delivery fee.  I contacted my first choice on the list..... and she was already booked for our wedding weekend.  What?!?!  Commence bridal tail spin.  After 15 minutes of freaking out, I called all the rest of the florists and set up appointments for the following weekend.  Then I called Mr. Cucumber Sammie and told him to clear his schedule, we are road tripping it to Cape May.  In hindsight I probably should have called Mr. Cucumber Sammie first.  Oh well. 

First up on the short list of 3 appointments was Manic Botanic.  Manic Botanic was my early favorite based solely on their website.  Tons of amazing floral inspiration pictures and real weddings from our venue!  Even their adorable store front did not disappoint.
Lillian, the fabulous store owner, took over an hour to meet with us and talk about everything we were envisioning for the day.  It was not until our later appointments how much I appreciated our meeting with Lillian.  She wanted to know everything about the wedding, the colors, the feel, the details and she added her own suggestions.  She seemed to be invested in making our wedding beautiful even though she had only just met us.  And to give you something to drool over, take a look at her awesome work:
Image and Design by Manic Botanic
Image and Design by Manic Botanic
Image and Design by Manic Botanic
Image and Design by Manic Botanic
I had set up two more appointments for that day closer to Cape May so we had to keep truckin'. Next up we went to see Cape Winds Florist and An Enchanting Florist.  Both of their prices were completely reasonable and they both would have given me exactly what I wanted.  But that was it.  There was no real pizazz.  I had to supply all the inspiration and creative and they would produce whatever I asked for.  I guess I was just looking for a little something more.  In the meetings they just asked for the basics and then told me the price.  No brainstorming, no stroking my bridal ego.  Nada.
An Enchanting Florist
Yes, very enchanting
Cape Winds Florist
There is no big reveal here.  We are going with Manic Botanic and I am tickled!  I can't wait to start working with Lillian and see what she comes up with.  Now I need to excuse myself and start combing through the budget to find where I can make cuts to turn my flower dreams a reality.

Hello Lover
And of course we stopped to say hello to the venue.

Do you think this is the beginning of the end of our budget?  Did you just have to have something even though you were probably only paying for peace of mind?

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  1. Congrats on getting that quote! I'm sure it's a relief. Unfortunately, for me and the budget, I have to have a lot of things. I totally get where you are coming from about them not supplying any creativity. I had one meeting where the florist just took my ideas, as is, and didn't add or suggest anything. It didn't sit well with me.