And I don't even know my last name

I accidentally left my usb will all my pictures at work today so you are going to have to suffer through a pictureless post.  I guess this is a perfect time to talk about something that doesn't really need pictures.... taking on my new last name.

I have never been keen on changing my name.  I have a beautiful and ethnic last name, if I do say so myself.  I have met very few people (besides my family members of course) who share my last name.  Sadly I have all sisters and there is only one cousin who will carry on the name.  For a while I convinced myself that I could get Mr. Cucumber Sammie to change to my last name.  Not going to happen.

Mr. Cucumber Sammie has the last name equivalent of Jones or Smith.  I want us to be a family and share a last name but going from Beautiful Betty to Plane Jane in the name department is not appealing.  A compromised must be reached!

So changing to my last name is out as is keeping separate last names.  After months of hemming and hawing over what to do I came up with a brilliant idea.  Mr. Cucumber Sammie's last name is his father's name, who was never really in the picture.  His family's last name (his mom's maiden name) is a name that I wouldn't necessarily be as heartbroken to take on as my last name.  So it was settled (according to me)!  When the time comes, Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I will both change our last name to his mom's maiden name.

Hopefully nobody decides to buy us monogrammed towels with his current last name for the wedding!  And because I couldn't resist one picture....


  1. What a great compromise! I've always loved my name - it's who we've been for years! - and the thought of giving it up is difficult.