Happy St. Patrick's Day

For us in the LemonPuppy household, St. Patrick's Day is more than just green beer and corned beef.  It is about celebrating with family and friends.  A couple of weeks ago we brought the LemonPuppy up to Philadelphia to spend a little quality time with her very best friend..... her sister*: 

Bet you can't tell which is the LemonPuppy
Is it this one?!?!?
Fooled you... there she is... looking creepy
As it turns out we are a boxer family and my parents have a boxer as well.  They are the very best of friends and like to do lots of things together.  Like what you ask?

They love to wrestle
And wrestle some more
They like to take naps together.

This lasted all of 20 seconds
It is great having the two of them together because they can entertain themselves.  Why do you need humans when you can play tug-of-war with another dog?!

That poor toy never stood a chance
And finally after all this excitement it is time for a little 'quiet hour'.

Brushing each others hair
And snuggling
 'Cause we are the two best friends that anyone could have'....

*They are in no way related by blood.  If you wanted to be technical about it I guess my parents dog is my sister so LemonPuppy is her niece.  But going into that much detail would be weird, unlike devoting an entire post to an imaginary friendship. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!