Out of Control

Hello, My name is Ms. Cucumber Sandwich and I have invitation envy.  It feels so good to say it out loud.  Venue; knew I wanted to get married there since I was 16 and haven't had a moment of doubt.  Dress; knew it was perfect for me and haven't even felt compelled to look at other dresses.  Invitations: I have become the green eyed Monster!
Me! {Image via The Tyra Show}
I have absolute faith in Kyndal and I haven't even seen our custom designed invitations yet but that hasn't stopped me from going a little nuts.  I barely committed to a design and two minutes later I am panicked about not liking them.  Every where I turn, there are gorgeous invitations afoot.  And the truly crazy part is my invitations could be one of them, I don't know because I haven't seen them yet!

What has been causing me to lose my mind?

{The Glossy Invites}
This makes my heart go pitter, patter.  I love the vellum outer envelope and the twine.  The swirly names, the envelope liner.... swoon!
{The Glossy Invites}
I am head over heels about this next one because all of her details went with her invitation.  This is pretty much my dream; have one cohesive element that brings the wedding together.  She is living my dream.
Invitation...check {The Taffy Invites}
Matching Table Numbers... check {Taffy Table Numbers}
And it just goes down hill from there.  I am envious of every invitation I see.  I am not discriminating at this point, I am overwhelmed with jealous.
Books! {The Cinnamon Bun Invites}
Must have painted edges and letterpress! {The Tartlet Invites)
I am completely out of control.  I am hoping that by blogging about my invitation envy, it will be cathartic and I will get it under control.  I think I have just made it worse.

Please tell me there are have been things you were jealous of and I am not the only one?!


  1. It's not just you. There's been an overload of fantastic invitation suites lately. It's hard not to wade in the envy pool.

  2. Yeah--it's definitely NOT just you. It was so hard for me to decide on a theme/color scheme for the wedding because of all the wedding porn I'd looked at. I cant believe how creative some people are!