Another One Bites the Dust

Goal 101 completed! (Attend a college athletics game besides GWU) On Thursday I got to go see some of the March Madness games at the Verizon Center here in DC.  Mr. LP is a huge sports guy and managed to score us tickets.  At first I was only so/so about going but now I am a total convert.  The games were A... wait for it.... mazing!

Not only that but I am on the Butler Bandwagon!  I can't wait for my sweatshirt to arrive in the mail so I can show my bandwagon pride (no I didn't go to Butler and until a couple of days ago didn't even know where it was). 
Hint, hint Mr. LP (source)
There are so many reason to support Butler.  First of all, their mascot is a bulldog.  So adorable!
I love you (source)
Secondly I am convinced their head coach looks like the adult version of Harry Potter....
Just imagine him with a scar (source)
Anger Harry Potter (source)
See what I mean!?!?  Will you be joining me on the Butler Bandwagon.  Let's go Dawgs!


  1. So jealous! I asked FI why he didn't think to get us March Madness tix to the Verizon Center! Good for you. I am currently riding the FSU bandwagon because my nephew goes there and my beloved Temple is out!

  2. Their coach is so adorable! He hardly looks old enough to play, let alone coach! But it worked last year, so kudos! Did you see the locker room footage where they all chest bumped? Too cute.

    Glad you got to go! I made sure to avoid Bar Louie for fear it would be packed!