Diamonds are forever

Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I have started the search for our wedding bands a long time ago.  We could have been our normal selves and put this off for another couple of months but there were some jewelry 'events' we wanted to attend.  You know the 'events' where they lure you in with 20% off and cake!  We are suckers for cake and discounts.  Wedding bands were something we didn't budget a whole lot for so we wanted to take advantage of all the opportunities to save.

There were quite a few events coming up that we wanted to attend but first to the research mobile to see if we were really getting a good deal!  I knew exactly what kind of ring I wanted so my search should be easy.
{Image via Diamond Ring Previews}
The problem with the research mobile is that sometimes the GPS gets a little wonky and you end up off course.  Also known as I totally got distracted looking at shiny things.  Originally I thought it was silly given our budget to try and get an eternity band.  But....
Its so pretty! {Image via JeewlryAnt}
And then I realized that it probably can't be engraved which was something important to me.  After my love affair with all those diamonds I felt guilty and went the opposite direction with a plain silver band.
Delicate and classic {Image via Angara}
But while the simple band is a classic it seemed a little too plain.  This is the point when things really went down hill.  So many rings, so little time.  Maybe I want a rose gold ring.
So beautiful {Image via Apples Of Gold}
I love the two tone look of this ring and it is simple enough to be classic but definitely not boring.  I don't know how the brushed metal would go with my shiny engagement ring.  I am sure it is a stunner though.  Another ring I thought about has certainly been making the rounds of the inter-web lately.  The finger print ring!
{Image via Design Town}
The designer takes an imprint of your fiance's finger print and uses it to create the design on the inside of the ring.  I heart the sentiment but am not crazy about the outside.  Unless I took my ring off all the time and showed people (which I am totally not above doing) nobody would know how special of a ring.

Decisions, decisions.  You will just have to stay tuned.  Did you get overwhelmed by ring choices?

P.S. Mr. Cucumber Sammie had no idea what he wanted.  All he said was he wanted plain and would get a 'feeling' about a ring when he put it on.  Obviously that leave me with nothing to show you.  So selfish!

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