Into You Like a Train

Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I made a quick trip to Cape May the other weekend to interview florists.  I can't wait to share the trip with you but first I am waiting on my last quote.  Two of the florists were good but one was Ah-mazing.  Of course that is the one that hasn't sent me a quote yet.  It has been almost three weeks so I finally broke down and called.  I really didn't want to be 'that' bride but I am starting to get a little nervous they would never get back to me.  The florist said they were working on it and would send it today.  I still haven't gotten it yet :( but my hopes are not yet crushed.

I am going to share my floral inspiration to hopefully send some good karma in the air and get them to send the quote.  In my mind the minute I hit 'publish post' I will have an email from the florist.  Yup, that is totally how it is going to work.
Image and Design by Manic Botanic
Mr. Cucumber Sammie shocked me the other day by glancing over my shoulder while I was looking at flowers and pointed to this picture.  'I really like that' he said and I promptly feel out of my chair.  I couldn't/can't believe he has an opinion about flowers.  Since this is probably his one and only opinion, I am going to let the florist know we want gutter petals for our ceremony (couldn't they come up with a better name; gutter petals sounds so gross).
Image and Floral Design by On Occasions of Atlanta
I would love to do fruit in the glass for the cocktail hour.  I am contemplating doing it myself but I am sure that urge will pass.
Image and Floral Design by On Occasions of Atlanta
Image and Floral Design by On Occasions of Atlanta
Image via Jeremy Renners /Florals by Calder Clark Designs
Centerpiece inspiration!  Big and fluffy is the name of the game.  We will probably be using chalkboard table numbers and stay tuned for when I attempt to DIY table runners.
Image via Real Simple
We have seen this one already.  I think I am in love.  Yes, decided... in love.
Images and Floral Design by Manic Botanic
This last one I made entirely from my favorite florist (the one who is slipping away).  Just so when we went to meet with her I could show her some examples of what I liked from her work.  In almost all of the appointments we talked about doing my bouquet similar to the one on the bottom left.  Except instead of purple it would be in our color, orange!

And there you have it.... everything we showed the florists.

So what do you think, should I give up on my favorite florist even though I heart them?  It has been about three weeks which is not a crazy amount of time to wait but it is still a little concerning if they are going to be our florist.  Have you ever overlooked some possible vendor flaws because you adore them?


  1. Yep, there was one florist who I liked and I waited like a month for her to send a quote. I sent her am email and she promised she'd get it to me. Well that was January and still no quote. I would've overlooked it if she'd sent it though. There's a point at which it doesn't matter how good they are if they don't seem interested in your business. That point sucks!

  2. i think florists are creative artists & not the most organized business people. :) i've heard a lot of brides talk about this exact thing.

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