Testing 1-2-3

Four Down... One To Go!  I am so excited that my bridesmaids have started picking out their dresses.  BM Smoked Salmon Sammie ordered hers almost 3 months ago and I finally got to see it when I went over her house for dinner the other weekend.
{Image from Macy's/No longer available}
The only requirements for the dress was that it was above the knee and navy.  The website makes it look a little more purply but it is definitely navy in person.

This weekend Mama CS ordered 6 dresses from JCrew for the Sammie Sisters to try on.  After a couple of returns and reorders they both managed to walk away with a dress.
{JCrew's Blakely}
{JCrew's Alisanne}
 Unfortunately they weren't being very cooperative and refused to let Mama CS take any pictures of them in the dress.  I guess I will just have to be surprised.
{Monique Lhuillier for Nordstrom}
And BM Egg Salad Sammie has chosen this lovely number for her dress.  I going to be a bridesmaid in BM Egg Salad Sammie's wedding a month before mine and the dresses she picked for the bridesmaids look eerily similar to the one above.  I guess she favors this style.

Now I can't for the life of me figure out what to do about the jewelry.  I kind of just want to say forget it and have the bridesmaids pick out whatever they want.  This is hard.  I still have more than 3 months so I am going to put it off.  Excellent plan!

Any thoughts?


  1. Yay for girls getting dresses!! Shoes is such a hard part - how do you get something everyone will wear? And to get a "navy" shoe will never be worn again. You could always pick three styles out and have them choose from that - this way there is cohesion, but also comfort for each girl.

  2. I'm all for putting off. I believe in avoidance. Have you seen this site? I can't remember who's blog I saw it on. http://www.milkandhoneyshoes.com/