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Invitation Inspiration!  We have taken the advice of the divine Mrs. Brooch and contacted Kyndal about designing our wedding invitations.  We are going the semi-DIY route and having the invitations designed by someone else but printed by us.  Hopefully that will save us a little bit of mullah that can be used somewhere else (like my shoes!).  Of course we needed to send Kyndal some of our inspiration.

Here was my first love:
Image and Design by Cursive by Kyndal
I really like the bracket design but I probably would want to change the background to be more similar to our wedding website but with smaller qua-trefoils or whatever those shapes are called.

A screen shot of our wedding website
Kyndal would probably need to change the font too since it doesn't fit with the quatrifoil background.  I gave her a couple of the other ideas I was thinking about too.  My second favorite invite was this one:
Image and Design by Cursive by Kyndal
I really liked the simplicity of it.  I read somewhere that using your new last name prior to the wedding day is bad luck so I would probably want the monogram changed to our initials.  Also the swirls are a little too swirly for me (yes a technical term) so perhaps something a little more structured/modern.  Poor Kyndal, that is the exact description I gave her.  If she can figure out what the hell I am talking about and transform it into an invite than she is a wedding genius.

I also gave her a couple of designs that I loved from Minted.
Image via Minted
LOVE the tiny initials in the corner.  Not crazy about the swag.  Maybe if it was just a straight line of little dots or something.
Image via Minted
This design would hopefully be in our wedding colors (navy, white, grey or orange) but I really like the pop of color and the minimalist design.  With some great fonts I think this could be a real winner.

Clearly my inspiration is all over the place and I am sure it was not helpful at all to Kyndal.  I am going to need to narrow this down.  Right now I am leaning towards the first option and have it tie in closely with our website.  Then everything will match... Yay!   Aghhhh this is so hard.

Invitations are probably the hardest part of wedding planning for me.  Anyone have an great ideas I could copy?  Which invite do you like best?

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  1. I like the second one and the last one. It's tough. Invitation design is so tiring especially when you like everything.