Wishin' and Hopin'

Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I stopped at registration station!  We have two bridal registries and are debating adding a third.  Our first registry was at Crate and Barrel. 
Image via Crate&Barrel
We attended one of those 'invitation only' registry events.  We were newly engaged and attending a registry event made us feel shiny and special.  It was still almost a year before the wedding so the helpful sales lady told us we basically couldn't register for anything because by the time our wedding rolled around it might be discontinued.  Still beaming with excitement we decided we didn't care.  I gave Mr. Cucumber Sammie the scanner and off we went.  Here are just a couple of my favorite things.
Fun and colorful mixing bowls! (Image via Crate&Barrel)
Wine fridge.. yes please (Image via Crate&Barrel)
Duvet cover that will hopefully hid puppy prints (Image via Crate&Barrel)
We waited until a weekend just a couple months from our wedding to create our second registry.  We didn't want to run the risk of a whole list of 'no longer in stock' items.  So on Sunday, bright and early, we found ourselves headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond. We went right when the store opened so it would be the least crowded.  It was a good thing we had the place to ourselves because we might have registered for the whole store.  The guy at the store told us it was just easier to register for everything we 'think' we could want because taking off was simpler than adding on.  Boy, did we ever abide by the 'just put it on there' rule.  We had to do a lot of editing when we got home.  Sadly Redskin's throw blankets did not make the cut.
Clearly having fun
Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I have lived together for a little while so there aren't a lot of things we need.  Our strategy for the registry was to upgrade!  Better pots, knives and sheets were high on the list.  We recently moved into our first house which has two bedrooms so we could use extra sets of sheets and comforters.  We also tried to register for things we would never buy for ourselves.  Bathroom floor mats.... I can buy those myself.  Nice sheets.... I probably would go for the cheapest so on the registry it went.  We attempted not to register for things we would only use once or twice.  I have been brainwashed to believe I need the KitchenAid stand mixer but I am not a baker so I don't know when I would honestly use it.  Here are some of my favorites from Bed, Bath and Beyond registry.
The bedding (personal photo)
I am oddly excited about this cast iron skillet (Image via Bed, Bath & Beyond)
Great accent towel (Image via Bed, Bath &Beyond)
After tons of editing, I think we have too few items.  Mr. Cucumber Sammie thinks it is just right so I may have to add some things while he is not looking.  Any suggestions?

Did you regret not registering for something?


  1. I'm so ashamed. I totally have a problem creating registries. I just keep starting new ones. I love the stuff at C & B and BB&B! Hmmm... perhaps I need a wine fridge as well. . .

  2. We haven't started on our registries yet, we're waiting until it's a little closer. But, I LOVEEE Crate & Barrel and we originally weren't going to register there, but after looking at their website.. we decided to go for it.

  3. Love love love cast iron skillets. I use mine all the time - and the more you use them the better they cook.

    The towels are aaaaaamzing. The picture does not do them justice.

  4. We're still quite a bit out from the wedding, so it'll be a while before we register. But even so, I'm so excited too! It feels like forever that I've been telling myself not to buy things, because I'm something we can register for down the road. But as silly as I sounds I can't wait to we can start! And I just wanted to let you know, I found your blog through the weddingbee boards!