Sandwiched Together: I will remember you....

Will you remember me?
Don't let your wedding pass you by
Weep not for the memories!

The time has come for me to say goodbye.  Words can never express how much this community has meant to me.  I have loved sharing every moment of wedding planning with you; the good, the bad and the ugly DIYs.  It was so wonderful having such a supportive, loving group of women (and a couple men) to listen to my struggles and cheer with my triumphs.

It has been over three years since our wedding and there have been lots of good days and lots of bad days.  The things that we have been struggling with is how we handle stress and our new roles as mom and dad.  Thankfully the good days always outweigh the bad but I don't want to paint this picture of our marriage being unicorns and roses.  We are growing together as a family and all growing has pains.  Some of the things that I work on is telling Mr. CS when something is bothering me (using I feel... when you.... statements) and recognizing when I am taking my stress out on him.  

There are moments everyday, though, that I look at Mr. CS and feel so lucky that he said 'I do'.

Unfortunately I don't really have a lot to share in terms of an update because I just tried to excuse my long absence. But since my first recap the Cucumber Sandwich family has moved to the 'burbs!  It will be a great long term move for us but a big transition from city life.

I started my blog with the sole intent of becoming a weddingbee blogger.  I wanted to be part of this community so bad.... best decision ever!  But that means unfortunately you won't be able to 'find me' anywhere after this.  I will always be thinking about you and know that I had the time of my life!

I love, love, love you all!
Kisses goodbye from Baby CS

Sandwiched Together: The Details

No talking, just pretty, pretty pictures!

All photos courtesy of the marvelous Girl Photography

This brings us to the end of the Cucumber Sandwich night :( I have a couple more posts up my sleeve such as budget and all the wedding things I still remember 3 years later.  But let me know if there is anything else you want to know.... I am an open sandwich.

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Sandwiched Together: Get Your Groove On

Mr. CS and I were on the same page about what reception traditions we wanted to incorporate.  We wanted to not take away from the endless party which was about to occur.  We felt like by asking people to leave the dance floor either for dances or garter toss, it would make it more difficult to get people back to shaking their bon bons.

Mr. CS and I decided to only do a father/daughter dance and the cake cutting.

All photos courtesy of the extraordinary Girl Photography 

We had the father/daughter dance while people were eating the first course so there would be limited activity in the center ring.

Time to shake a leg!

We actually don't have that many pictures of people dancing.  Our photographers left soon after the cake was cut.  As Nicole so eloquently put it "nobody looks good as the night goes on".  Truer words were never spoken.  We needed just a couple of happy party people and leave the rest of debauchery up to memory.  

One tip we heard about hosting a nonstop party is that people will be on the dance floor as long as the bride and groom are there.  Mr. CS and I tried our best to be the first and the last people on the floor so that all the guests would join in!

And now we have reached the end of our wedding night :(  We did a little clean up, collected our mementos and headed up to the hotel suite. 

Coming up is a post devoted entirely pretty, pretty pictures!

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Sandwiched Together: Party Time!

Let the good times roll!  Our wedding party made their grand entrance into the reception and it was time to party.  

All photos unless otherwise noted by the staggering Girl Photography

 Mr. CS and I decided to take dance lessons for our first dance (but shhh because we told all our guests that it was natural).  We did a package of about 8 lessons at an Arthur Murray dance studio.  We provided them with our first dance song and they worked on a beginners dance for us.  It was a really fun break to all the crazy wedding planning and I think we definitely impressed our guests!

personal photo
personal photo
One of the decisions we made was telling our wedding party to sit down after they were introduced.  It was a minuscule detail but it allowed more guests to be able to see our first dance and the wedding party didn't have to stand awkwardly while we paraded around the dance floor.

After our first dance we had a blessing from our priest and the toasts for the Cuke Sammie Sisters and Mr. CS's Uncle.

 The Cuke Sammie Sister's toast had some roast like qualities and all I have to say is payback is a witch :)

After the break we will take a look at the only reception tradition that Mr. CS and I opted to partake in and we get our groove on.

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Sandwiched Together: Let's Drink!

After the ceremony it was time to get our party on!

All Photographs courtesy of the delectable Girl Photography!

 But first Mr. CS and I shared a quick toast with our wedding party.  It was great to have a couple of seconds to decompress after the ceremony and before all the hugging and visiting with guests started. On to the cocktail hour!

Enjoying the weather on the Congress Hall patio
Bloody Mary Oyster Shooters; One of the many delicious passed hors d'oeuvres 

Our signature drink sign

While our guests were enjoying the steel drum band and passed delectables like smoked salmon pinwheels and lobster corn dogs, we took a couple of portraits.  Aren't we a good looking group!?

We decided to do a first look so that we could enjoy some of the cocktail hour but I am not going to lie I think I only got to try one appetizer and somebody maybe put a drink in my hand for about 2 minutes before more pictures were taken.  We ended up spending a fair amount of time corralling everyone to get family portraits.  And I even put a person in charge of getting everyone together!

I think it really is true that the ceremony was for me and Mr. CS and the reception is for the family/friends.  It was a lot of work saying hi to everyone and making sure all of our guests had a great time.  I won't change anything about our wedding but I think the idea that I was going to enjoy the cocktail hour was a little naive (when we had 125 guests).  

Time flies when you are having fun and before we knew it... grand entrance time!

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