Ring of Fire

Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I set off on our ring-palooza (which makes it sound way funner than it actually was).  First up: Mervis Diamond Importers.  Mervis has about three stores in the DMV (District, Maryland, and Virginia) area making them a small family run chain.  Any one from the area can probably recite their radio commercials because they are on.... All. The. Time!

Any whoodle, about a month ago Mervis was running a 'ring' event where they promised a plethora of wedding band designers, discounts, cake and vodka (I still can't figure out why the vodka but I am not one to argue).  Cake!?!?  Off we went.  The event was the very first time Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I tried on rings and we were positively giddy.  There were tons of people there so we got brought up to Zeb Mervis's office for our consultation!  Now I know what being in the inner sanctum of a celebrity feels like.
The Man, The Legend's desk chair
While it was a really classy event, unfortunately it came with some really 'classy' prices.  There may have been some tears in the car ride home because I thought I had significantly under budgeted the wedding rings.  And now the whole wedding was ruined!  Very calm and mature of me.  Even with the 20% discount, we couldn't really afford anything.  The rings were absolutely stunning though.

Onward and upward!  I am completely susceptible to tv ads so the next stop was Jared the Galleria.
When we first walked in, we were immediately greeted and brought over the display cases.  After seeing my engagement ring, the ooh-so-helpful sales person asked if he could clean it for me.  Yes, please!  It took only about 15 minutes for Mr. Cucumber Sammie to find the ring that he wanted.
Tungsten band with a brushed metal finish for the majority of the ring and just a little bit of detailing on the outer ring.  It was a very handsome looking ring.  And just like that he was done.  Didn't feel the need to go to any more stores or look at any other rings.  How do guys do that?!

I took a little bit longer than 15 minutes but not by much.  I guess channel set diamonds have become quite the trend because Mr. Helpful Salesman let me right to the good stuff.  Unfortunately it was not vodka like the other jeweler.
Oh how I heart you.  Looks great without my engagement ring, all by its lonesome and looks extra fabulous with the e-ring.  Of course, I can't make a spontaneous decision like Mr. Cucumber Sammie so no rings were purchased that day.

 After one terrible trip to another jeweler that must not be named (seriously, they tried to convince us that if my CukeSammie ever got in an accident, his ring would not be able to be cut off and could cause severe finger damage), Mr. Cucumber Sammie finally talked some reason into me.  Not everything in wedding planning has to be a big production.  If we find the rings we like and they are in budget (and they are, cue happy tears!) we should just get them.  It doesn't require hours and hours of research.

So back to Jareds we go!  I can't wait to show you personal photos of the rings.... especially with my engagement ring.

Does your fiance ever need to talk sense into you?  Don't you love rings with diamonds!?

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