Rain, Rain Go Away

The Lemon Puppy is a fruit loop.  She doesn't want to go outside in the snow.  She doesn't want to go outside in the rain.  She doesn't even want to go outside in a strong wind.  Forget about going outside when it is raining AND cold.
We had a couple of inches of snow here the other day and now the Lemon Puppy is all in a tizzy.  When the snow was falling she refused to get off the porch to do her business.  Great, now we have a 'pee porch'.  If you ever come to visit, don't sit directly on the porch.
Fruit Loop!
When it finally stops snowing, the princess will daintily venture down but only if we provide for her a little cut out of non-snow area.
The Lemon enjoying her snow free space
I swear sometimes she looks at me like 'You expect me to go outside in this? Carry me bitch.'
Oh lemon puppy.... how we love you.


  1. Too cute! My oldest looks at me like I have 3 heads if it's too cold or raining out, but they all love the snow!

  2. Your dog is the cutest EVER!!!!

  3. she's hysterical! ps, payton wants to know if she's feeling better.

  4. My dog looks at me like "where's the umbrella?" Lemon Puppy is so cute!