And we're back!  Just a quick jaunt across the country for a little relaxation, family love and good eatin'.  Yes, we could have done that right here in DC but it is so much more fun when the weather is 70 degrees and sunny instead of 29 degrees and rainy.   
The mean streets of Beverly Hills
Our trip was fabulous and the best part was we were able to cross something off our wedding To Do list.  But that didn't happen until the end of the trip.  We have a couple of favorite eating places that we were sure to hit up.  We might have gone to Johnnie's Pastrami right from the airport. 
No trip is complete without See's Candy
I am sitting on that couch trying to think of how to recap the trip but I am realizing that all we really did was lay around and eat.  Two things Mr. LP and I are very good at.  There is not a whole lot of other exciting activities..... except taking care of one big(!) wedding task.

It is official, we have our officiant!  We have decided to go the non-religious, loved one as the officiant route.  We both agreed that we wanted to ask Mr. LP's brother-in-law to marry us.  It made sense to wait for our trip so we could ask in person.  I got a book on wedding ceremonies and over a lovely breakfast on our last day we asked.  What Mr. LP really said was 'Would you umm.... 'do' our wedding?'.  Hey, it worked.
Mr. LP, Ms. LP, SIL LP and BIL LP (our officiant!)
SIL LP and BIL LP are two of the most loving people that Mr. LP and I know.  BIL loves both of us as individuals and a couple.  They have an amazing relationship with each other which Mr. LP and I can only hope to emulate.  He is going to be perfect.

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