The Name of the Game

It's time for a tradition as old as the bachelorette party and wearing white.... the bridal show!  After countless emails to the point of harassment, I gave in and went to the "Great Washington Bridal Expo" (seriously why do they send you so many emails and who actually pays to go?!?!).  Lucky for me one of my BMs was getting married just a couple of months before me and was willing to go with me. 

Visions of cake tasting, vendor give-a-ways and find the perfect invitation danced in my head.  Coupon for two free admissions in hand, I was ready to find all my vendors in one day.  Sadly none of these came to fruition.  Honestly the bridal show was not what I expected.  It was great for inspiration but not really for accomplishing anything.  

I think it was the first wedding show of the 'season' and there were way too many brides there.  It was hard to get any time with the vendors and the ones who were available were not the ones you wanted to be talking to.  It was like prom all over again!  None of the vendors seemed to be what I was looking for and seemed kind of outdated.  And there was only one table with cake.  I mean, who does that?
Yum Cake!

I might have eaten that whole left corner myself..oops
 BM Claudia and I wandered around for a while, soaking it all in but there was nothing that really stood out to us.  Until we go to the Fiber One station! (really?!?!)  Who knew that one of these machines was necessary or even fit in at a bridal expo but it was very popular.

Wooo hooo!
After contemplating stepping into the whirl wind fiber machine, we took our places for the 'fashion show'.  Without a doubt this was worth the free admission.  Not the fashion mind you but the director who didn't realize we could see his every move from our angle.  You would have thought this was a NYC Fashion Week show the way he was carrying on back stage.  If I wasn't laughing so hard I would have been concerned about him having an aneurysm.  At some points the music died down just enough for us to hear him screaming that the 'models'.  Totally worth it!

Overall I rate the 'Great Washington Bridal Expo' only at B-.  Entertaining afternoon with the BM, yes!  Deserving of the 'Great' title, no.
I don't know what bridal show is complete without fiber

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  1. I got the EXACT SAME feeling after going to a bridal show myself! I actually went to more than one hoping that something would come of them, but nothing ever did. I think in this day and age, with the internet, blogs, etc... you really aren't going to find your vendors staying by some booth on a Sunday afternoon. It is a fun experience though! The fashion show sounds like a riot! That was my favorite part of the one I went to as well!