Perfect Little Accident

We meet with florists this weekend.  I am waiting on a quote from my favorite florist and I am really anxious about it because I fear it will be way out of our budget.  But I heart her!  While I am waiting, I thought I would fill you in on my other favorite vendor..... our photographer.

So Gorgeous! (source)
We are using Nicole from Girl Photography and she is A-mazing.  She is actually the only photographer we met in person.  Not only does she have delectable photos but she is so nice.  It was important to me to get along with our photographer because I have to hang out with her all day.  I don't think hanging out with Nicole will be a problem, in fact I am looking forward to it!

We found Nicole totally by accident.  We were having a tough time figuring out if we should hire a photographer here in DC or in Southern New Jersey (near Cape May).  We really wanted to have engagement photos taken in DC with the monuments because this is where we have lived for the past 5 years.  But we didn't want to pay someone to travel from Cape May or vice versa for the wedding.  So we compromised and found someone in Philadelphia who will have to travel for both events!
The Philly Bee Meet-Up (source)
One day I was working really hard and on my lunch break I opened up (ok I was stalking it all day).  Right there in the first post were these gorgeous photographs by Nicole.  I waited until after work/immediately went to her website.  I loved the photos and I knew Mr. LP would love what she said on her blog (he likes to get a 'feeling' about a vendor).  I requested a meeting for a weekend when we would be driving through Philadelphia.  Short story that I have managed to make long, we hired her!  She was perfect and her prices were right in our budget.  We even get an engagement shoot and a second photographer which I thought would only be a dream in our budget.

I think she is awesome and here are some pictures to prove it:
Another one from the Bee meet-up

I hope someone is having this much fun at my wedding!

I love them all!

*source for all photographs Girl Photography

Were any of your vendor decisions easy?  Or did it take lots of meetings?


  1. The DJ was the easiest one for me. I was tempted to book him without meeting him.

  2. Oh, she is good! I'm glad it was an easy decision!