Pour Some Sugar on Me

The 'cookie letters' are in the mail!  What are the 'cookie letters' you might ask?  Excellent question.  Like many brides before me, I am planning on having a Cookie Bar.  In Pittsburgh (and surrounding area) it is a wedding tradition for important women in the life of the bride and groom to bake homemade cookies to be served to the guests as favors.
Yum! (Image via Project Wedding/Photo by Robert Sukrachand Photography
It took me all weekend but I finally wrote the letters to the Sammie aunts and friends asking them if they would be willing to help me with this tradition.  Hopefully they will say yes!  I read somewhere that on average we need 4-6 cookies per person.  That is a whopping 625 cookies!  Ahhh so many.  I have a feeling I might be doing some baking as well.

I am so excited to have a cookie table but I am at a complete loss about how to set it up.  The perfectionist in me is not wild about the platters and platters of cookies.  Something about a sea of cookies rubs me the wrong way (I am sure anyone who has done this made it gorgeous).
Cookie Sensory Overload (Image via PetitChef)
So many cookies! (Image via NYTimes/ Photo by Ross Mantle)
Attack of the cookie (Image and Event Planning by  Great Expectation Events)
And then Martha came along and rocked my world.  Oh Martha.
Le Sigh (Image via  Martha Stewart)
Now I know why people bow down and worship you.  So classy and elegant.  You make mounds of cookies dainty and aesthetically pleasing.  Only Martha.  I was sold.  Cookies in jars, it is!
Getting closer (Image via Grand Rapids Press/Photo by Dave Raczkowski)
There it is! (Image and Event Planning by  Great Expectation Events) 
 (Image and Event Planning by  Great Expectation Events)
My research on those jars has been amateur hour and I can only find them at Crate and Barrel for $12.00.  When I think about the amount of jars I will probably need, $12 is too much.   I can probably purchase the jars with the intent of reselling them and make a small portion of the money back but that does not seem appealing.

Anyone know where to find jars big enough for cookies?  Any tips on carting cookies to Cape May?


  1. Oh what an awesome tradition! Me want cookieeeeeee!! I wish I could help with the questions. If I come across something I'll get back to you. Now where did I put those cookies??

  2. How awesome!! that's such a cool idea AND tradition. I love me some cookies! I'm not too sure about the jars, have you looked at Hobby Lobby or JoAnne or Michaels.. they have tons of jars there, but I really don't know if they are what you are looking for. Every once in awhile Hobby Lobby has 50% off all their glasswares (that's how I'm getting the smooth ball mason jars for my favors). Good luck! If I come across something, I'll let you know!

  3. I freakin LOVE the cookie bar idea!!!! It's going to look fabulous and be delicious, too!!

  4. Oh my word. A cookie table? Brillant idea! If I were one of your guests, I would never leave its side. And there would be no need to serve me any other food. : )

  5. What a neat tradition! I LOOOOOVE Cookies..and I think putting them in jars is a fantastic idea!

    these are $12 though too:

    there are a few cheaper options here if you don't care about them all matching:

    You could prob. ebay it for some vintage looking jars as well?