Dream a Little Dream of Me

I can't wait to share with you my quest for the dress but first I have a little disclaimer. 
I make Mr. CS read every blog post.  Sometimes I even quiz him on it just to make sure he memorized every word.  Unfortunately that means I will not be showing my dress.  Not even the designer/style number.  See Mr. CS likes to say that I am nosy but really I learned it from him.  

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, lets get on with the show!  Prior to getting engaged I really didn't look at dresses.  I should have been arrested for all the stalking I did of my venue but I didn't think about the dress too much. 

After the plethora of bridal magazines that came in my name after the big engagement, I started thinking about dresses.  From the beginning I knew I didn't want a giant 'princess' gown.  It was just not that kind of wedding.  If we were getting married at a church or in the winter I would have had a different opinion.  But we are getting married by the beach in the grass so something light and flowy was high on my list.

Like all brides I started pulling inspiration for my first wedding dress shopping appointment.  Lets take a stroll down memory lane of all the dresses that I didn't pick. 
Lazaro LZ3055
Allure Bridal 8771 (Image via RecycleBride)
The Chelsea Clinton Vera Wang Image via AdanNews/Photo by Barbara Kinney
Mikaella Bridal 1406 (Image via Brides)
The Couture Collection/Image via MSN
For a moment I thought I wanted straps/Image via MyBridalDress
With inspiration in hand, I set out with MamaCS to start the hunt. What do you think?  I am still completely in love with Chelsea Clinton's dress.  Obviously none of these are my dress but do you think I ended up with anything close?

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