Now or Never

The quest for the dress is almost finished!  Thanks for hanging in there, trust me this has been exhausting for me too.  Unfortunately your patience will not be rewarded.
I make Mr. LP read every blog post.  Sometimes I even quiz him on it just to make sure he memorized every word.  Unfortunately that means I will not be showing my dress.  Not even the designer/style number.  See Mr. LP likes to say that I am nosy but really I learned it from him. 

Since there are no pictures of the dress or any description, we are going to breeze through this part real quick.  After RotBrides  we took some time off of the dress search to regroup.  In my mind, the dress at La Bella Moda was always the one to beat but Mama CS required some warming up to it.  Finally, one day as if she had an epiphany she says to me "You know, I really like that one dress you tried on." Hallelujah.  So appointments were made for when I came home for Thanksgiving.

We also made an appointment at a bridal store in Philadelphia.  I can't even remember the name of the second store that we had an appointment at and that is ok because it wasn't that great.  The store is filled with sample gowns at a discounted price and the woman who owns it is supposed to be like the dress whisperer.  Apparently she can find anyone their perfect dress.  Obviously that is false advertising because she didn't find mine.  

I know I said we were going to breeze through this and three paragraphs later I have clearly lied.  Basically we went back to Bella Moda.  The dress was fabulous.  We went back two days later to get the seal of approval from Papa CS.  Dress purchase. Bing, bang, boom!

V for victory!

This post sucked in the picture department so to reward you for sticking with it....

You're Welcome!

Anyone have a relatively easy dress search?  How did you know it was the 'one'?

**WAIT... I forgot the best part.  I fit into the sample they had in the store so I was able to purchase the floor sample for a discounted price of almost $400 off!!  I rule at wedding dress shopping.***

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  1. Ms. LP - you KNOW that I always did love the dress you bought but of course I had to down-play it because I wanted to be sure you loved it too. Besides from getting stressed, I do tend to be opinionated so I was trying to tone it down. And it all worked out cuz we got to go to Running of the Brides -----SOO FUN! Mom XXXOO