Oh No She Didn't

The Lemon Puppy is not a single parent dog.  Unfortunately Mr. LP is still at work and I don't know how much more of the LemonPuppy I can take.  Here is what I came home today. 

What are you looking at you ask?  Why, that is LemonPuppy's cage without a LemonPuppy in it!  We crate her during the day when both Mr. LP and I are at work so she doesn't terrorize the house.  Don't worry Mr. LP comes home every day to take her out for potty breaks (he deserves major kudos for this) and my job ends early so she is not in there too long.  But the point is she should be in there! 

Her crate lives in the bathroom during the winter because the bathroom has a heater so she doesn't get cold.  We close the door to keep the heat in but when I opened it upon arriving home I found myself staring at an empty cage. 

All the signs are there that she has been in the bathroom so it doesn't appear that she has been abducted (I wish).  She completely destroyed the room.  Toilet paper unraveled and half the roll missing.  Trash all over the place. 

Thankfully (or unthankfully) I found the LemonPuppy behind the door but not before I swore Mr. LP would rue the day he brought her home.  I still have no idea how she got out of that crate.  Not only is she a lemon but she is a magician.  Of course she is too adorable to stay mad at for long.  


  1. oh my goodness. payton is so proud...

  2. My dogs don't open the doors to their crates, but one of them can magically collapse in the front panel to escape...after the hell we came home to after that happened, now all their crates are zip-tied together, hahahaha.

    Puppies are so cute as an evolutionary trait so we don't KILL them when we get home and see the havoc they have created!