Greetings from sunny California.  Mr. LP and I have flown all the way across the country in search of the perfect wedding vendor.  And to visit his sister.  We hope to find our DoC and officiant while we are out here but I will fill you in when we get back so not to jinx it.  Mostly we are here to visit his sister (my soon to be sister!) so posting is going to be short today.  Here is some wedding porn to tide you over though. 

I have arches and ceremony space on the brain so that is what we are looking at today. 
Beautiful but not right for our wedding (source)
Simple but elegant (source)
And my favorite:
Just kidding (source)
What are you using to decorate your ceremony space?  Are you going to do anything to define the space or are you going nakey?

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  1. We are doing a bamboo arch...I think I will dress it up with some fabric and hopefully some flowers :D

    Or maybe Ill just do the flowers only...who knows?! I am so indecisive! I love the one you posted with the poms on it! sooooo cute