Here Comes the Flood

Let the evolution of our Save the Dates begin!  It all started with a little inspiration.
Image via DC NearlyWeds
The moment I saw this photo I thought it would be perfection for our wedding.  The couple took the picture in front of their wedding location (Outer Banks I think).  It is carefree and fun.  I think it gives off a definite destination wedding feel.  I toyed around with some other ideas too. 
Image via ShutterFly
I thought this was cute and simple.  I liked that it was a postcard and I was determined to have a postcard for our STD (teehee) as well.  First and foremost postcard postage is cheaper and I am nothing if not frugal.  Also everyone says that the STD is the guests first glimpse at the wedding and I think a postcard sets the right first glimpse of our semi-destination wedding.

Now it is just time to put the plan in motion.  We headed up to Cape May exactly one year before our wedding (so adorable, I know!).  The weather was fabulous and we set off to take pictures for the front our of our STD postcard.  We were not without help though and enlisted the Sammie sisters as camera women and Mama CS as shoot director.

Some were bad:

Some were good but not the right 'feel':

And one was perfect!  Please meet the front our Save the Date:
The Front....

..... And the back
We ordered them from and it was easy peasy.  Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to add the line to separate the text and the address so I manually drew it in.  When the postcards arrived they were not quite right :(  Not to worry, craft supplies to the rescue.  I used the paper cutter to trim the extra.

Good to go
Mr. CS worked tirelessly on hand addressing and manually drawing lines.  He is so crafty.
Can you spot all of the spoiled puppies toys in the background?
After working at lightening speed, we were finally finished!  Overall from photo shoot to mailbox, the STD process took just 14 short weeks.  Like I said, lightening speed.  But it was worth it!
Our friendly neighborhood post office
Did any of your projects take longer than expected given its lack of complication level?


  1. YES! oh wait, we didn't get one. :( i think mr. LP messed up our address on purpose.

  2. I am working on our save the dates now! I started working on them in November and I'm STILL working. Good thing I'm not on a big time crunch!

    I love the pic, it so cute.

  3. Aww. I love them. Even though we decided not to do any, I still love looking at other people's.

  4. I love them! We're working on our save the dates right now, too and are hoping to kick them out of the nest the end of April. We are even making 150 envelopes by hand.

    I found your blog on weddingbee! =D