Oh, the Guilt

The guest list is becoming one of the most dreaded things about wedding planning for us.  Our venue has a minimum guest count for our wedding day (125 people).  But 125 people is also our maximum because that is all we can afford.  A minimum and a maximum the same number... is it possible?!?!?! 

Image via Wedding Liaison
Oh what a pickle.  Our guest list has turned into an exact science since we need to get precisely 125 guests.  Here is my plan to achieving the supposedly impossible difficult (I don't believe in that word after seeing what the Pickle Puppy is capable of).

1. Only invite 125 guests from Day One
2. Print 2 RSVP cards with 2 different reply by dates
3. Send out second RSVP card with later due date to B-list whenever someone says no. 
4. Repeat step #3 as necessary
5. Co-MOHs are still in college so get no plus one..... unless someone cancels last minute then they are in! (Because those crazy college kids don't care about silly things like the etiquette of a last minute invite)

Steps 2, 3, and 5 are easy peasy but how did we get our guest list to that magic 125?  We split the guest list down the middle and each invited exactly 62.5 people.  I got to invite whoever I wanted and Mr. Cucumber Sammie invited whoever he wanted but it had to be under our 62.5 limit.  There were many discussions, lots of tears, constant temple massaging and a dash of screaming...... by Mr. Cucumber Sammie.  He definitely had the most difficulty with his list.  We eventually reached a stand still and to break out the big guns.
The Flow Chart! Image via BridalBuds/Chart from Brides
My list was hard too but Mama CS was a superstar (again!) and basically did it for me. 

We did have a couple of tricks up our sleeve besides the handy flow chart for helping us narrow down the list.  To decide if someone got a 'plus one' we said No House, No Spouse, No Ring, No Bring.  Lucky were are only a couple of people for which we have to activate the saying.  

We also aren't having any children.  I know, I am like the wicked witch of the west.  My youngest cousin will be in college by the time we get married.  So unfortunately everyone under college age is out.  We are not having a ring bearer or flower girl so it makes it a little less complicated to say no kids.  Although I will miss adorable pictures like this:
So cute!  But not cute enough to be invited (Image via Our Wedding Day/Photo by Lennon Photo)
Do you think it will work or am I crazy?  Any other tips on narrowing down the guest list or helping us achieve exactly 125 people?

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  1. That's quite the plan! The guest list is a huge pain in the butt but you seem to have it under control.