Blues for Sister Someone

I still need to scan some pictures from my dress shopping excursion so we are going to start with dressing the bridesmaids!

Our colors for the wedding are Navy, Grey, White, Khaki, and a splash of Orange.  I wanted the Sammie BMs to think, 'Hey! I could always shorten this and wear it again!'.  Just kidding.  But I did want them to be able to pick their own price point and a dress they would not be horrified to wear.  So I am letting them chose their own knee length dress in navy!  I figure navy blends together well and there are not that many shades of navy so there shouldn't be a problem matching.
This would be perfect( Image via Love and Splendor/photo by Trista Lerit)

Image via CrystalBridals/Photo by Pen Carlson
I love that the second photograph appears to be completely different dresses and not just mismatched necklines.  Irregardless (it's a word!), I heart them all!

While I was incredibly busy at work one day, I took a fast as lightening break to look for navy dresses.  I told my lovely ladies that they could pick whatever they wanted but I wanted to send them just a couple of ideas.  Everyone loves helpful suggestions, right?
(Image via Bloomingdales/no longer available)
(Image via Lulus)
(Image via Bloomingdales/no longer available)
Of course there is always the mecca of bridesmaids dresses, JCrew.  I will have to wait I guess to see what they pick!

Now I just had to figure out what to do about shoes!  Should they all wear the same?  All the same color?  David Tutera of My Fair Wedding would be appalled if they had mismatched shoes so I decided to find cheap shoes in a light grey.  Taa-daa:
Image via Payless
 The Sammie BMs are in the process of buying these $30 shoes from payless in silver cloud.  I loved the idea of flats since we are getting married in the grass and heels might be tricky.  I think they are subtle enough they won't even be noticeable which is the look I am going for.

Did you allow your bridesmaids to chose their own dresses?


  1. me again! my girls wore navy as well (october wedding). they all chose their own silver shoes & it worked out beautifully - everyone was comfortable & it looked unified as well. can't wait to see what they choose!

  2. I love love love navy! It's an excellent color choice and you're right, it works great for mismatched dresses! The second to last picture is SUPER cute! I'd wear that dress many more times again!