Royal Wedding Edition: Waving Goodbye

This is it!  The most anticipated event of the wedding season.......The LemonPuppy Royal Wedding Recaps!  As previously mentioned the LP clan flew across the pond to take part in the royal wedding festivities.  MamaLP, PapaLP, Sisters LP and myself all boarded a flight late Wednesday night to touch down in London town for all the hoopla .
Goodbye Kate, hello Duchess Catherine!
The wedding has been kind of difficult for me to write about because I always thought that I would marry Prince William.  We have so much in common....we are the same age, we both loved the Spice Girls.  I don't know how many more similarities you need to build a lasting relationship.  I always knew that if he just had the chance to meet me there would be no turning back for Wills!  (I shamefully even applied to St. Andrews for college).  Luckily I met my very own prince but that doesn't mean I don't still fantasize about having access to all those royal jewels.

Just because Prince William was the one who got away does not mean I would pass up a trip to take part in the 2nd most important wedding of the year (the first of course being the LP wedding).  After resting up from our long flight the LemonPuppy clan ventured out to set up our game plan for the following morning.
After waving hello to Big Ben, we wandered around to Westminster Abbey.  The crowd in the area was already huge and there was still over 12 hours to go until the big moment.  There were people camping out, reporters everywhere and tons of people just soaking it all like the LP clan.
Hard to see photo of all the media and people in tents
Tent City!
We found our way to the front of Westminster Abbey just in time to see them laying the red carpet for the next morning.
Just think the Queen will be right there in 12 hours
Excitement is building!
Not knowing how to top the excitement of the carpet, we decided to call it a night. We would definitely be needing our beauty sleep.  We headed back to our hotel to study the wedding route maps with military precision.

After a restless night of planning and plotting, we put on our wedding finest (aka hats) and headed off to the Tube (subway).
The LP women
Our mission begins
What was awaiting us once we got off the Tube (subway)..... You will just have to tune in tomorrow to find out!

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  1. Can't wait to hear more about your trip! Looks like so much fun