Just call me butter.....

Because I am on a roll!  Even with only 4 months to go, I have not completely abandoned anything in my life that doesn't revolve around wedding planning (yet!).  Over the last couple of weeks I have managed to make some progress on my 101 list.  Go me, go me!

Some have been super easy (reading books) while other I seem to be taking steps back (I actually gained pounds instead of lost).  Here are some of the bigger projects that I have crossed off my list. 

84.  Take a vacation outside of the US
   Hopefully you realized from my Royal Wedding recaps that I was in London, Baby!  It was awesome.  I am not sure it counts as a vacation since it was more of an obligation since we were invited (just kidding).  The perfect trip to cross this off my list.  Mr LP and I love to travel so I am sure I will complete this one again.
51.  Clean Tarnished Jewelry
  Not a very exciting one but finished none the less.  I made it my goal over spring break to clean out all my old jewelry and polish the tarnished pieces.  I am half way to completing #50 too.  I just need to take the necklaces out of zip-lock bags and find a place to hang them.

89. Buy Art for the Living Room
  I am terrible blogger and have no picture of this but I bought a lovely hand-painted abstract yellow art piece at goodwill for $12.  Perfect!

Have you been able to finish any non-wedding related projects lately?

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