If the Teacher Pops A Test....

Me giving advice on being organized is like Kim Kardashian telling you she prefers small engagement rings.  But some how I am going to forge ahead like I am sure Kim is doing with her 20 carat sparkler.

There are a couple of tricks I use to stay organized for the wedding (now if only I could carry these over to my daily life).  The first and most popular is the wedding binder.
Printed out calendar for due dates/appts
I have a little pencil case in mine with pens and thank you notes.  I also love the divider tabs with pockets on them so I can save all the inspiration I tore out of magazines.  My tabs are pretty standard but they include; guest list, budget, to do lists (get to that in a minute), my attire, his attire, flowers, Congress Hall, Sound, Registry, and Before & After (rehearsal dinner and next day brunch).  I am sure there are a couple I am leaving out but that is why I have my handy moleskin journal......
At the ripe old age of mid 20's I am already beginning to forget things/lose my mind.  I carry the journal around with me in my purse and whenever I think of anything I have a place to write it down.  I blame my bridal brain but this little book helps me to remember where I saw those invitations/napkins/programs I loved.

And finally I have the All in One Wedding Planner from Style Me Pretty in Google docs.  Google docs is the best!  Seriously if you haven't checked out their template gallery do it now!  I will wait.
The wedding planner has everything.  I know they are kind of tough to see but along the bottom of the pages are all kinds of tabs for everything you need to plan the wedding.

Just some of the tabs
And since it is from Style Me Pretty, there are all kinds of helpful hints on each page.  Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I both have gmail so I can share it with him and he can edit his own damn guest list.  Teamwork!  My favorite page right now is the music page where I can jot down all my ideas for our wedding music.

The piece de resistance to my wedding organization is the To Do list!  I heart To Do lists.  I know this makes me sort of weird but I just love crossing things off and having a nice list of what I have to do even if I manage to avoid doing it.  I enjoy physically crossing things off so every week I type up and print this list.  I have three parts to my to do list; wedding, chores and other.  Under each header are sub-categories and then I list what I have to do.  This is probably really confusing so it would be better if I just showed you....
Ta Da!
Under Wedding there is Ongoing, Upcoming and This Week.  If you know me in real life you know that there is no way I could possibly get all this stuff done.  So yes I will admit that some of those things have been on the to do list for weeks or maybe even months. 

There you have it.  All the things I pretend to use to help me be organized about the wedding.  They say the best organization system is the one you actually use.

Am I missing anything?  Anyone else as excited as me about To Do lists?


  1. This teacher is very impressed with your orgainizational skills and preparedness. You would certainly get an "A+" in my class. :-)

  2. I confess lists rock my world! I totally understood where you were going with the "to-do" list without the visual. I make lists of lists to make. Sigh.

  3. Great post! Lots of good tips, going to get that Google docs organizer!