What have you done today

It is so hot that I have lost all energy to do anything.  Instead of doing it, I am just going to write about what I should be doing....
Blogging burns some calories right?!?

It seems like almost all brides have a goal to 'look their best for the wedding' and I am no different.  Here are just a couple of things that I am doing so I will feel my best in my wedding dress (I am a poet and I didn't even know it).

I am fortunate enough that Mr. LP would like to join me in this little weight loss adventure.  How is this fortunate you wonder?  Well I love a good competition!  Mr. LP and I have decided to make a little wager on our fitness goals.  We are embarking on our own biggest loser competition.  Each Thursday night we 'weigh-in'.  To keep some of the magic alive we don't reveal our actual weight.  For instance if my weight was 163.2 (which it is not) then I would write on the 'weigh-in' sheet 1*3.2.  So my weight can be tracked but only I know that mysterious middle number.  Even when we are married I am not sure I want Mr. LP to know my true weight.

Whoever has the largest percentage of weight loss for the week (lbs lost/last weeks weight) gets a prize for the week.  We could do a big prize at the end but we are more instant gratification people.  The first week I won.  Go me, go me!  And the prize I picked was Mr. LP had to take me to any movie I selected.  Of course I picked the girliest romantic comedy I could find just to make the victory a little sweeter.  Mr. LP won this week and is thinking his prize will be that I have to take him to go hit golf balls.

So what am I doing to ensure my victory each week?  Well I have started running again so I hope to do that consistently.  Just this morning I did the Bethany Frankel yoga video that I found on-demand (for free!) with my cable package.  I am going to try to do yoga a couple of times a week so my arms will look Michelle-Obama-good in my dress!  And for meals I am trying to use my weight watchers cookbook and eating healthier/smaller meals.

This is only our second week of the competition but it is already going well.  I am down 2.6 and Mr. LP is down 4.3.  We will just have to see if we can keep it up.

Any tips for kicking Mr. LP's ass?  Are you on a new fitness plan for the wedding?

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  1. Good for you two that you have made a competition out of it! It's encouraging to have somone there to watch the changes happen with you. If you need more inspiration for running I'm going a couch to 5k training program. I blog about it in the Fitness Friday posts. You can link back to the program I use from there. :-)