What's The Word, Hummingbird?

A ten hour car ride up and back to collect Sammie Sister from college gave me way too much time on my hands.  Forced family fun can make a person do crazy things!  Which is why I used those 10 hours to create a bridesmaid's newsletter.
page 1
This was a project that prior to my half a day in the car with nothing but the scenery to occupy my time, I would have thought was totally unnecessary.  I actually had a good time making it though.  I hadn't been in contact with my bridesmaids for a while so I had lots of things to tell them.  Enter the newsletter!

I first started by hunting through all the wedding blogs for inspiration.  I found tons of ideas but they ranged from the simple to the out of control elaborate.  I know my limitations though and decided to stick with the simple MS publisher document.  MS publisher has a neat newsletter template and I could change the colors and move things around to my hearts content.

After I had my design the way I wanted it, I brainstormed different content that I wanted to include.   I didn't want to update them on everything I had been doing because a) that would fill more than a 4 page newsletter and b) I want there to be some surprises.  I picked topics to include in the newsletter that directly affected them.
last page
The one section that I 'borrowed' from another bride is the 'How Can I Help?' section.  I thought this was a fantastic idea because I know when I was a bridesmaid I was constantly asking how I could help.  I do feel a little awkward assuming that they want to help but I figure hey, this is what they signed up for.  Also since it is in the newsletter and not me telling them they can just selectively ignore it if they are so inclined.
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Have you done any wedding projects that at the beginning you thought were completely ridiculous but ended up being fun?


  1. What a cute newsletter! I love it! I tried to do a newsletter for my bridesmaids, but they really didn't seem to care (lol.. they don't really seem to get too involved in wedding things anyways.) So.. I decided not to waste my time with it anymore if they weren't too keen on it.

    I absolutely just love yours, though! =D