Royal Wedding Edition: Becoming a Duchess

When we last left the LP clan, they were headed down to Westminster Abbey and the parade route to get a first hand glimpse at the monarchy in action.  And to gather research for my wedding which I am positive will be just as grandiose and elaborate.  Yes, I fully intend on a having a 3 mile parade down the main street of Cape May, waving to the confused 'commoners' as I go.

But first a meat pie for the road.
Modeling the cornish pasties
Now that we have the appropriate amount of protein in our system for the trek ahead we hit the Tube.  During our previous nights plotting we decided that we probably shouldn't try to get off right at the Westminster Abbey stop since it would probably be closed due to the crowds.  After all we were getting the dreadfully late start of 8am (3am East Coast time).

An uneventfully but spirited metro ride later we found ourselves making our way down to the mall along the parade route.  We were hopeful (but young and naive) about getting a spot near the route and watching the parade.  Sadly this was not our fate.  We made the voyage on a parallel street behind the route trying in vain to hang a left down a side street and get on the mall.  Those Brits are real sticklers for 'maximum occupancy' and 'crowd control'.  I say let chaos reign!  Each side street was closed due to too many people in that area already and the event staff kept telling us to go down a little further and a street would be open.  My lovely sister said it best when she said she felt like the steerage class on the Titanic who weren't allowed up to the lifeboats.

Finally we reached the last gate to the mall.  : ( LemonPuppy fail.  It was closed too.  But we had the best spot at that closed gate.
I see something that looks official

Perhaps it it Wills in that car!
Let us in!
We stood around the gate for a minute hoping they would take pity on us poor Yankees who traveled so far for this moment but I think they must still be bitter about the war because they did not.  We decided to make our way to the numerous parks that would be showing the wedding on big screens.

We found a little alleyway that I believe was Platform 9 3/4 and made our way into Green Park.
Like a secret passage
Totally leads to Hogwarts!
And we had arrived!
The Queen!
So many people!
We had a lovely view of the whole ceremony.  But I am going to come clean and tell you that we only watched until William and Catherine said their vows.  Who knew royal weddings were so exhausting!
Everyone in the LP clan had set their TiVo's before we left so we knew we could catch anything we missed when we returned state side.  This was the time to walk around and soak up the atmosphere.

Best hot dog in the world?!?
Yes Please!
Weird person in armor?!?
But of course
Tons of Kate Middletons?!?!
Checking out what we were told was Clarence House?!?
I am not sure if that one is correct
Hmmm why are all those people gathering over there.......
Guess you will have to find out tomorrow.

 Ok if you hang in there for just one more post I promise to make it worth your while!

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