Royal Wedding Edition: My Wedding

Some people may find it tough to compare the Royal wedding to their own, given the unlimited budget and resources.  Challenge accepted!  After studying hours of video footage and memorizing the details I think there are definitely lessons to be learned which I will happily apply to my wedding (making it better than Kate's.... hahaha!)

1.  Traditions can be Beautiful.   
      Sometimes it feels like a race to see who can have the most original wedding.  Most original ceremony, original dress, original first dance.  You name it and someone is trying to find a way to make it unique to their wedding.  The royal wedding ceremony was done exactly the way it has been done for hundreds of years and it was still romantic and sentimental to watch even though it was the same.  The vows Wills and Kate* said were the same vows (with the exception of 'obey') that his parents and grandparents said.  Not once did I feel like 'gee, I wish they said their own vows'.

  So many people have commented about how much her dress looked like Grace Kelly's but Grace's dress was a classic.  Having a similar dress in no way undermined how beautiful Kate looked.
2. Add your own Flair!
  Yes traditional is beautiful but that doesn't mean you can't add your own flair.  Trees??!  In the Abbey!?!  Who does that.... Oh yeah, Kate Middleton.
I read that they included trees because nature was very important to them as a couple.  Also it represents the small town the Middleton's are from (I could totally be making that up).  There were lots of little touches that represented the couple throughout the day and people couldn't stop mentioning those little details!

3. Undergarments are important
  I might get skewered for saying this but Kate really needed a better bra for her second dress.
Very Madonna cone bra-ish.  Be sure to try on all undergarments with you fitting.  Kate has a completely enviable body but all I could focus on was how pointy her boobs were.  Not a good look.

4. Weddings are about your guests too
  In their official program, Will and Kate put a special message to their guests thanking them for coming and how loved and supported they felt.  People could not stop talking about the how great it was that they addressed their guests.
 Commentators were titillated that William and Harry came out of Clarence House the night before to thank the crowds for coming and shaking hands.  It seems like William and Kate went above and beyond to make sure people felt included and appreciated.  It was amazing how those little small acts of reaching out to people made everyone feel so special.  The atmosphere in London definitely reflected how excited people were for the wedding because they felt like they were a part of Will and Kate's special day.

Anything you learned from getting up at 5am to watch that you plan on incorporating in your big day?

*Yes I know that their names are  HRH William Duke of Cambridge and Duchess Catherine but if they knew me we would totally be BFF and they would approve of me using their nicknames.  Just saying.

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  1. I loved the trees in the abbey! It was such a nice touch. I also totally agree with the bra thing. The only thing I noticed about her reception dress was how pointy her boobs were...which is not something especially good. So jealous you got to witness it all! Thanks for the nice posts on your visit!