Getting to Know You

Mr. LP and I have lived together for almost four years!  In November (one month after the wedding), we will be celebrating the two year anniversary of our first home purchase.  PapaLP is shocked that Mr. LP is even bothering to 'buy the cow' at all.  Other than the bovine purchase I am unsure how our relationship is going to change after the wedding.  There isn't going to be an awkward moving in phase or discovering each other's little quirks.  I am sure there are changes on the horizon but living with Mr. LP is something I adjusted to long ago. 

Since I accomplished nothing this weekend due to extreme heat (I don't function well beyond the 50-75 degree temperature range), I took a little trip down memory lane.  Here is just a sampling of the things I learned about Mr. LP when we first moved in together.
Baby LP's (trip in 2006)
1. He spends more time in the bathroom than I do.
   It is unreal the amount of time Mr. LP can spend in the bathroom.  Thank god I leave for work first in the morning or I don't think I would ever get in there.  I even have to store my make-up in the downstairs bathroom just in case he gets up before I leave.
He spent a lot of time in the bathroom getting that hat just perfect
2. He hates to go to the grocery store. 
  And I mean HATES!  If I volunteer to go to the grocery store alone, he always declares 'why?!!? we have so much food' even though we are down to spaghetti-o's.  I don't know where this comes from.

3. He is great about helping with dinner but it usually comes in sandwich form.
   Mr. LP is wonderful about helping with dinner and cooking.  However if he makes dinner you can guarantee that it is coming to you between two pieces of bread and no 'sides'.  Sausage meant for pasta or salad... on a sandwich.  Ground turkey... turkey burgers of course.  Even spaghetti is not immune.
Favorite sandwich place?!
4.  He makes a mean cup of ice coffee.
   So goooddd!
In Vancouver 2009
 5. He spoils the dog.
  Technically this is not something that I learned when we moved in together but I was still shocked at this discovery.  I fully expected him to be the disciplinarian for our puppy.  I quickly realized that the LemonPuppy has him wrapped around her little finger.  I have completely lost control!

China 2010
6. He is very patient with my many quirks
  Mr. LP lived alone for many years before we moved in together and I thought it would be hard for him to have a roommate.  Especially a roommate as fun as me!  He has been nothing but amazing dealing with my organized mess, terrible eating habits, desire to keep the bedroom at -7 degrees even in winter, and television addiction.

Do you live with your SO?  Learn anything new?


  1. Aw! So sweet and you can tell that you both get along well - which is a plus when you're getting married! :-)
    Mr. ST and I discovered, I steal the covers - no matter what the temperature is; he makes the BEST coffee; I loath folding, he loaths putting laundry away - so it's the perfect match.

  2. I love your little puppy! Such a cute little face!! I'm a new follower and love catching up on your blog! Would love for you to stop by my blog and offer some advice on my wedding planning!! There are always give and takes in a relationship..and choosing the battles you are willing to!

  3. This is so cute! Mr. B is the same with dinner... He doesn't get too creative! A lot changed for us after the wedding, but all for good! We love living together and haven't had any problems with each others quirks - yet, anyway! Hopefully when we're celebrating four years like you two, we will be as positive!

  4. I love this post! How do you make a spaghetti sandwich???