I know I have mentioned about 10,057 times how awesome our photographer is but now she is just out of control.  Mr. Cucumber Sammie even said that she is worth her weight in gold.  Best wedding decision ever.

We got an early wedding present delivered to us the other day.  What oh what could it be?!?!

It's from our photographer, Girl Photography!
Ooooh is that bakers twine I spy?  And what is that delightful charm?

Why it is the Philadelphia love symbol.  This has just knocked the Pickle Puppy out of the #1 spot for most adorable things I have ever seen.
In case you are having difficulty with my awful pictures, Nicole sent us a beautiful case with a CD filled with our engagement photos.  It is way above and beyond.
The spine says "Just a CD of beautiful pictures" Beautiful pictures indeed!

How much do you love getting things in the mail?  Isn't the best especially when it is totally unexpected.

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  1. Wow if your photographer's attention to packaging is that good, I can't imagine how great the photos will look!