Royal Wedding Edition: THE KISS

As Frank Sinatra said 'the best is yet to come'.  Thanks for hanging around through all the other fluff for the best part of our trip to London.  It was only about 45 minutes long but the best 45 minutes of some people's life.  I am not going to mention any names (cough, cough MamaLP). 

While we were walking around Green Park just to the left of Buckingham Palace we noticed a small crowd gathering.
In all my years of weaseling my way into places I have learned that if there is a crowd gathering that is where you want to be!  Something exciting might be happening or new information to be gained.  Of course I learned this life skill from PapaLP so off to the mob we went.

Turns out that after the parade they allow people onto the circle in front of Buckingham Palace for when the new couple appears on the balcony.  Obviously they don't want a picture of an empty street so they allow the crowd to come forward to fill in the space up to the gates of Buckingham Palace.  Nobody would say where this crowd would be let in from but a very friendly policemen told us with a wink and a nod that if we go down a little further we might find out more.

Walking down the street we happened upon this scene:
Hmmmm looks like something could be happening here!  Nobody knew and nobody was saying but the feeling in the crowd was this is where people would be led down to Buckingham Palace.  I can't imagine all these people gathering here for nothing.  Of course we had to stick around and find out.
So many people couldn't be wrong
 Now here is the beauty of this situation.  It might be hard to tell from these shots but we are actually on the 'inside' of the fence.  All those people are waiting are behind us and our view to the left (the direction we need to go to Buckingham Palace) is this:
Free and clear!  Since we were inside the park, we are in front of all those people who have been waiting for who knows how long.  Now we just need to stake our claim and hold our spots.  That is assuming that eventually we will be let down this street to Buckingham Palace.

First we had to watch the Royal Cavalry go by.
That horse wants to go back and see the kiss!
And then the excitement in the air was palpable.  People were starting to get antsy.
Notice we are are on the 'wrong' side
People were even jumping the fence and trying to make a break for it down the street.  It was bordering on chaos.  Who knew the British could behave this way?!  And then as soon as it seemed that mayhem would take control something started to happen.....
The police lined up shoulder to shoulder for people to follow behind them down the street.  THIS IS IT!!!
Quick like bunnies, we raced forward and threw ourselves over the little grey barrier wall.  And we were in the crowd!
It was so thrilling but we will never see anything from back here.... lets get a little closer.
Not quite yet.
Ahhhh much better.  At the front of the line where us Americans belong.

I wonder what we will find when we pass that tree blocking our view on the left......
HOLY SH*T, it's the balcony.  Commence internal (and possibly external) freakout!
Must get closer!
Who cares about the fly over?!?  More kisses!
  The crowds and the cameras were going wild!

And just like that it was over.  The balcony was empty.
And I am spent.  Best. Day. Ever.  Especially for MamaLP
*I would just like to say that normally she doesn't wear that shocking pink lipstick.  My sister has a friend who worked at Elizabeth Arden over the summer and said the Queen orders stockpiles of 'Pink Vibrations' and it is her signature shade.  So MamaLP was wearing it in her honor.  It is really not a day time (or anytime) lipstick though.  Need proof:
LP sisters in Pink Vibrations!
It certainly won't be part of my wedding day ensemble but if it is good enough for the Queen then it is good enough for us!

We had no idea how to top that thrilling, life changing 45 minutes so we headed off to Harrods for tea.
Coming up... what I could have possibly learned from the Royal wedding to incorporate in my own wedding.


  1. OMGOMGOMGOMGOM Sqqqqqqeeeeee!!! You got to see the KISS!!! Soooo jealous, but it's been amazing to read all your posts!

  2. I can't believe how lucky you were to actually be there! How absolutely amazing for you!

  3. this is just too cool that you went! such a neat experience