London Bridge

With less than 6 months until the wedding, it seems like things are coming fast and furious.  Yesterday we went to our tasting party in Cape May.  I can't wait to share pictures but first I need to find my camera cord :)  Today we got an awesome proof back of our invitation.  I am so frickin' exciting about how it is turning out!

In the next couple of weeks I am going to be taking a little trip to focus on someone else's wedding.  Whose wedding you might ask?!?!  Well I will give you a hint.......

Bet you can't tell who it is (source)
It starts with a W and ends with a 'illiam and Kate!  I will give you a moment to go back and read it again.  That's right, the LemonPuppy clan is headed to London to celebrate the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Mama LP is a huge British Royalty fan.  Papa LP is a prince of a guy and for Christmas bought her hotel reservations and flights to London for the royal wedding.  Lucky for me, she was allowed to bring some friends (i.e. my sisters and me).

Sadly we did not get one of these in the mail.
But it will still ridiculous to be in London during those couple of days.  We plan on doing our own walking Will and Kate tour.  Perhaps stopping at Mahiki where Will danced on a bar after breaking up with Kate.  Or maybe the famous jewelry store where the late Lady Di's engagement ring is from.  So many options!!
We could dance on the same bar! (source)
I highly doubt I will be getting much wedding inspiration from this trip.  I doubt we invite 2,000 + people to our wedding.  And I don't have a whole royal staff to help me plan.  Although between us, I think my invitations are going to be better than hers (anyone else think they are kind of boring?!).  My favors are definitely not going to be tea towels with mine and Mr. LP's faces.

Totally getting one (source)
Any other 'must dos' for the LemonPuppy clan while we are in London?!?!  Would you like me to bring you back a tea towel?  Who do you think will be on the celebrity guest list... Harry Potter?


  1. Ah - so exciting! It'll be fun to just be there! Please buy ridiculous souvenirs and take copious amounts of photos!

  2. omg I love this idea!! Sounds like it's going to be an awesome trip

  3. wow! that is so amazing that you are going there for the wedding. you HAVE to share every single detail of your trip!!