I Feel Pretty

I am ready for my close up!  We booked our final 'big' vendor and it feels so good.  My stylist is in place for the wedding day (i.e. make-up and hair).

I was dragging my feet on booking this vendor.  I think because there are so many options and it is hard to really get a feel for their work.  I knew that I wanted someone who could do the total package; hair and make-up for both myself and everyone else.  I also wanted someone who would be able to travel to Congress Hall.  For the bridal party we rented a gorgeous getting ready room.  I wanted us to all be able to get ready/primped together!
The Founders Room where we will be getting ready
So Gorgeous!

Having those two stipulations narrowed my search down considerable.  I started my quest with our preferred vendor list from Congress Hall.  They gave us about 6 people and out of the 6 only 3 met my criteria.  Out of those 3 people only 1 had a website.  I know it is probably ridiculous but I cross vendors off my list if they don't have a website.  I am probably missing out on some great vendors but I would much rather look at a website than call a vendor for information.

Since the preferred vendor list was a bust I turned to message boards on popular wedding websites.  It seems as though lots of brides ask for suggestions on hair/make-up.  I guess I am not the only one who found it overwhelming.  One suggestions definitely stood out.  Creations By Mia had an awesome website and completely doable prices.
Cute website! {Image via Creations By Mia website}
I submitted an online form and I got an email back the very next day.  A couple days after that I received a small package in the mail with some additional information.  Mia was super friendly in all her emails and had great customer service skills.  As an added bonus all of her portfolio shots are fabulous.
Adorable braid! {Image and Hair design by Creations by Mia}
Mia met all my requirements but I was nervous about booking a vendor without even talking to her.  So I made up some excuse for calling her on the phone.  It was really lame and kind of junior high-ish but I needed to make sure she sounded normal.  Mia passed!  And I found myself with my last vendor booked.

Mia had a great tip which I wanted to pass along (or perhaps everyone knows it and I am just an idiot).  She wanted to do my make-up trial closer to the wedding which I thought was a bit odd.  Why not just do it now and confirm I like her/she can do it?  She said that since my wedding is in October that would be a different season.  My skin tone and hair color/texture will change over the summer so we should wait until I will be the same 'coloring' as I am on my wedding day.  Makes so much sense!  It would be silly to do a trial now since I will be out in the sun all summer long and my coloring is bound to change.

Have you ever booked a vendor without meeting them?  Any great tips from your vendors?


  1. There must be something going around cause I booked my makeup artist without meeting her.

  2. I agree with you- I get totally nervous about the makeup and hair thing too. Looking forward to seeing some of your trial pics. I'm in Jersey too so maybe I will have to copy your makeup artist!