Swept Away

I am avoiding doing the hard work of the ceremony such as ummm writing it.  Instead I have completely skipped over the necessary elements and moved straight into the fun stuff.  The ceremony accessories!

We decided to include some cultural traditions into our ceremony to represent our heritage.  First up, Mr. Cucumber Sammie.  Mr. CS is African American so of course our immediate thought was 'jumping the broom'.
Impressive vertical leap {Image via Crave Online/Photo from Drew B Photography}
Legend has it that jumping the broom started as an African American slave tradition.  The slaves were unable to get married so they 'jumped the broom' as a way to public commit themselves to one another.  During my research I found out in Africa they may have used the broom in a ritual to symbolize past problems being swept away and starting anew.  I love the notion that at the end of our ceremony we jump over a broom and our lives together start fresh.  Feels very Mary Poppins-ish.

I am completely indecisive about almost everything (except Mr. CS of course) so I searched around for other African American traditions we could include.  There is the 'crossing of the sticks' which is exactly how it sounds.  You cross tall sticks.... weird.  Moving on.  There is also the tying the knot where the officiant ties your hands together.  It seems a lot of cultures have claimed the 'tying the knot' or handfasting as their own.  I also found something called the knocking ceremony.  Mr. Cucumber Sammie would have to come to my family's door with presents.  If the 'knock' is accepted then my family is giving their permission and blessing.  While I love the idea of presents it seems a little late for permission on wedding morning.  And then there is the libation ceremony.  I find this one to be the oddest.  You take water or alcohol and pour it on the ground in each of the directions (N.E.S.W.) calling out to the spirits.  Hmmmm no!

And now we have come full circle back to the broom.  Mr. CukeSammie and I both agreed that we would much prefer to jump the broom.  Now to find a broom!

I immediately went straight to etsy.com.  They had some really nice brooms but they all seemed super expensive especially when I remembered that it was a broom!  The cheapest one I found was $25 not including shipping. 
Pretty Flowers! {My Beatiful Wedding Etsy}
{Image via BellaSkyEvents/No longer Available}
Then I tried amazon and overstocked thinking I could pick up a nice old fashioned broom.  It is amazing how complicated finding a broom turned out to be.  I found a couple but they were kitchen brooms and that seemed a little 'wrong' for our wedding no matter how much ribbon I tied around it.  Corn brooms looked nice but they were expensive too.
Corn Broom {Image via Lehmans}
After striking out at all my usual shopping sites and search engines, I decided to give etsy.com one more go. Buried way in the back is where I found her (yes it is a her).  Handmade with wood from Pennsylvania (me too!), I think this one will be perfect.
Lovely {Brooms for Sale Etsy}
Of course I am going to dress her up with some accessories of her own, maybe a ribbon or faux flower.  The best part was she was only $12.  The Goldilocks of brooms... not too expensive but not cheap either.  Now that I have my broom I should probably actually write the ceremony so there is a cause to use the broom.

Are you including any traditions in your ceremony?  Any big details you put off in favor of buying fun things?


  1. Yay for your great deal! I can't wait to see how you decorate her <3. Mr. ST is Irish and very proud of that fact. I did some research and found his family crest (which he already had boo) and I encouraged him to wear a kilt, but that was a big fail. Good for you for doing the research.

  2. I went to a wedding once and they did the broom jump and I had no idea why! Now I know!! So glad that you found one that will work, that one is perfect, simple and classic and you can dress it up very nicely!!