Drowning on Dry Land

Lookie, lookie what I found!  I was at Michaels the other day searching for lord only knows what and what should I spy in the $1 bin.
Striped straws in our wedding colors!  For only $4, I got 400 straws in our wedding colors.
The blue is more sky blue than navy but anyone running for their lives would never notice.  These would be delightful for the cocktail hour or perhaps the rehearsal/welcome/birthday party.

I had my heart set on barber straws like these: 
{Art Fire}
However, they are $21 for only 150 straws.  While the barber stripped straws are all the rage at weddings right now I don't think any of my guests will know that they are getting regular strips instead of barber strips.

I think I should just keep the bendy straws and call it a day.  It is not exactly what I envisioned but it will definitely give the effect I want.  Agreed?

Did you purchase any thing for your wedding that was slightly different from what you envisioned?


  1. Those will be great! I need to take a trip to Michaels and buy some for Gator football season!

  2. OOO! I love those barber stripes ones, too, but I agree.. they are quite the expense. I think the ones you got from Michaels are fabulous!

  3. I'd take bendy over barber any day!