Save Me

Help!  There are less than 24 hours until our engagement shoot tomorrow and I am at desperation station!  I have no idea what I am going to wear.  And I need your help to pick it out.  Of course I have pictures that I need you to study and commit to memory and offer insightful suggestions.  That is not too much to ask right?!?!

*Please excuse the terrible hair and lack of make-up.  Desperate times called for desperate measures.*
Here was the first outfit I was thinking about.  My only concern is this is a little more trendy than I would normally wear.  Also I worry that I will look back at these photographs in 2 years and think to myself... 'self, that outfit was so 2010'.

This is a little more what I would wear every day and will probably be a strong contender.  Should I pair it with non-skinny jeans?  Different shoes?  Other accessories?  See, I am panicking.
Adds a little color but perhaps a little too boxy.
I look F'in hot!  However I look like I am headed to an interview not fun, carefree engagement photos.  This is probably dressy-er then we are going for... but hot!
This is something I was thinking about but looking at it in photos I think I will skip it.  In fact, I will probably skip dresses all together.  I don't usually wear them.  I am definitely more a jeans and a cardy kind of girl.  And I want to look like myself in the photos not like I am trying too hard.  I might dig around to find a 'fun' outfit of a GW sweatshirt since that is where Mr. LP and I went to school.



  1. I actually like the second to last outfit. Maybe punch it up with some bright peep toes and accessories?

  2. Can you do quick change and wear more that 1 outfit? I like the "interview" one as a dressy alternative but I also think you should wear something you feel comfortable in. If you feel "like you" then it's going to show through in the pictures. 2 & 4 are my picks.

  3. I agree with K...I would go with choices 2 and 4 if you can have a wardrobe change! And you're right about choice 3, it's adorable (and I love the color) but too boxy!