Just another manic monday

Happy Monday!  Yesterday Mr. LP and I braved the crowds to head down to the Cherry Blossom for our engagement shoot.  We should have a 'sneak peek' in just a few days and I can't wait to show you.  Thank you so much for everyone's help on the outfits!

While I am waiting for the pictures I have been cruising around the internet trying to find inspiration for our wedding invitation wording.  I am apologizing in advance if anyone used these but there are so awful suggestions out there.  What, pray tell, am I talking about?!?

From the first 'tee'
we knew we 'wood' spend
the 'course' of our lives together
Megan Riley
Jonathan Bueler
‘wood’ love ‘fore’ you to join us
at our wedding 

Ughhh.  I guess maybe if you or your fiance was a professional golfer or if you spent your every waking moment playing golf.  Nope... nevermind, I can't really see this working.

Friends forever we will be
whether walking on the beach
or sailing on the sea...
Please be our crewmates as 

we board this ship called Love

Taking the beach theme a little too far.

Say you'll share with me
one love... one lifetime...
say the word and I will follow
you... that's all I ask of you... 

I am pretty sure these are lines from a Phantom of the Opera song.  Doesn't he try to kill her?!  Not really the message you want to send on your invites.

You work, you play
and then, one day...
love just happens!
Jenny Thompson
Kurt Shippers
invite you to be a witness
to one of life's loveliest

I don't know why this one struck me as kind of odd.  It seems like "Surprise! We are getting married out of the blue".  I guess it could be cute in the right circumstance.

Have you ever come across an awful wedding invitation?

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