I had the time of my life

Wedding planning has started to take a turn for the stressful.  I had another wedding nightmare last night.  So Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I did what we do best and procrastinate!  We have started focusing on the the fun stuff and ignoring the things that need to get done.  We are looking at places for our honeymoooooon!
We can't take a regular honeymoon (honeymooooon!) right after the wedding so we are going to take a mini-moon.  The mini-moon has to be close to South Jersey because we need to be back at work on the Thursday after our Sunday wedding (don't weep for the CucumberSammies though, we plan to take a full honeymoon next summer).  Here are a couple of places that top our list.

The Eastern Shore.  The 'eastern shore' is the area on the east side of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and Virginia.  This is a huge area and there are tons of places to stay.  Maybe we could even stay in Chincoteague and see the Pony Swim?!?!
Yay Ponies!  {Image via Eastern Shore Visitor}
That option seems a little far though.  Or perhaps we will go o the Cambridge, MD and stay here....
{Image via Eastern Shore Visitor}
I die!  There is loads to do on the eastern shore including golf, relaxing, bay cruises, did I mention relaxing?

Another place on our short list is Colonial Williamsburg.  It might be fun to play tourist for a day or two.  We could see some battle reenactments.  I could put Mr. LP in the stocks if he is being bad.  So many options.
Ooooh exciting! {Image via Travel Muse}
Finally my favorite (as of 2 hours ago) option is Berkeley Springs, WV.  It is only 90 minutes from DC and is billed as a spa town.  Yes, please!  And I have even picked out the perfect place to stay.... Cacapon Resort State Park.
Lovely {Cacapon Resort}
I am soooo confused about all things WV (Mr. CS is from WV so that was a dig at him not the state) but apparently they have state run hotels on state parks?  I have no idea if that is correct but I decided it is.  Basically what you need to know is that means cheap!  And we could stay in a cabin all to ourselves with a fireplace.  We could go hiking, fishing, golfing or horseback riding.  If we get bored at Cacapon it is just a 10 minute drive to Berkeley Springs for some dining and spa-ing (yes it is a word).

And tell me this place doesn't remind you of Kellerman's Resort from Dirty Dancing.  Who knows maybe I will meet Patrick Swazye and he will teach me to do the Rumba!  Oh wait... honeymoooon.
Kellermans or Cacapon? {Image via Movie Fone}
Cacapon or Kellermans? {Image via Booked}
Any other suggestions for our minimoon close to DC?  Who else procrastinates by googling honeymoon locations?!

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