Kung Fu Fighting

Nicole is A-MUH-ZING!  She got us our engagement pictures way before promised and they are out of this world.  Because I am borderline narcissistic I am going to show you even more pictures of myself (oh and Mr. CS too).  Don't worry I won't share all 292 she sent us but I am tempted, they are that good!

Here are just a couple of my favorites.  Mr. Cucumber Sammie already said he didn't like some of these but I say 'too bad..... apply to the bee yourself and then you can share whatever you like but this is my  post and I post what I want!'  I am already totally over marital compromise.

Look... The house number is 2011

This one kind of looks like Mr. Cucumber Sammie is trying to put me in a choke hold but I think it is the most natural looking of us.  Probably because he was attempting to put me in a choke hold and I was fending him off with my kung fu grip.

Yay!  And there you have it... a whole post of me!  I was tempted to put in some shots of just me but I thought that would be going over the line.

Let's see your engagement photos!?!

**all photographs by the lovely Nicole of Girl Photography**


  1. L-O-V-E. I don;t know what Mr. LP is talking about because I agree with you. I like them all! So exciting!

  2. they look fantastic!!! I actually LOVE that one where you fighting him off with "kung fu" haha I agree it's so candid and natural! So great!

  3. I nearly choked laughing when I got to the part about him getting his own blog. Classic! The pictures are awesome! I'd totally be okay if you did another post with more pictures. Just saying. You both look really natural and relaxed.

  4. How can he not like some of these? They're gorgeous! Choke hold or not :)