The Cone of Shame

Posting was scarce this weekend because we have been dealing with the LemonDog.  Yes, I called her LemonDog.  When I gave her the nickname of LemonPuppy, it was a term of endearment for her crazy, adorable, injury prone hijinxs.  We are not laughing anymore, LemonDog.

It all started this weekend when we took her for a nice long afternoon walk.  When we were almost home I noticed that she was leaving a trail of bloody footsteps.  Poor LemonDog.  After inspecting her paws, we saw that she had a cut on her foot.  We took her home and wrapped it up but since it was on the soft part of her foot every time she took a step it would start to bleed again :(

We tried to keep her off her feet and put a sock over her foot to keep her from attempting to chew off the bandage.  It was going perfectly until we woke up at midnight to the sounds of LemonDog licking frantically at the bandage.  She proceeded to manically try to get at the bandage until 5am!  Naturally this meant we were up too trying to keep her calm and the bandage on her foot.  Finally she passed out from exhaustion and I knew it was time to call in the big guns.  A visit to LemonDog's home away from home.... the vet.

Cut to 2 hours in the waiting room, 6 stitches and $500 later the LemonDog is cured!  But she is not happy about it.
She split open the pad of her foot and it was going to reopen every time she walked unless they put in stitches.  Of course it couldn't be just a little cut and heal on its own.  That is not the way LemonDog rolls.  I don't even know how she managed to do this.  She didn't yelp or limp at any time during the walk. 
Poor LemonDog.  This seems to be a yearly thing for her.
Who knows what 2012 will bring?!?!


  1. Oh poor thing! She looks so sad in that cone. She's terribly cute though.

  2. awwww the poor puppy!!! that's the saddest/cutest pictures and story. I hope she feels better soon!

  3. payton wants to know if there's anything he can do to make her feel better? maybe a playDATE after she's healed?!