I can't remember if I have mentioned this already but our wedding is the day after my birthday.  Woohooo double presents!  In theory this should make it almost impossible for Mr. Cucumber Sammie to forget our anniversary.  Never, say never though.

What does this mean for the Cucumber Sandwich wedding guest?  Well instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner we are having a rehearsal/welcome/birthday party!  It is going to be out of control shenanigans and I can't wait.  Practically a double wedding since everyone who is on our 'A' guest list is invited to the welcome dinner bonanza.   

We have decided to go in the opposite direction of the wedding when planning birthday-palozza.  While the wedding is classy and elegant, the night before is going to be debaucherous.  (Not for me though because I need my beauty sleep!).  Our catering menu will consist of.... (warning those with weak stomachs should not proceed) 
Yum but awww {Image via BigJohnGrills}
A pig roast!!  We are also going to have hamburgers and hot dogs but it will be real casual.  Maybe even a game of beer pong or two.  Just throwing it out there.

While we were in Cape May this past weekend we scoped out some locations for this rockin' party.  The name of the game is to save some money so the master plan is to rent a house where the bridal party can stay and host the rehearsal/welcome/birthday party!  We are hoping that the 'accommodations' will be our gift to them and do double duty as rehearsal venue.

This is where we run into trouble.  We have two housing options each with their own perks and downsides.  First up, our original favorite.
 It is really hard to find a nice amount of yard space and parking in Cape May.  A lot of the houses are very close together and there is limited street parking.  This house in on a corner lot and a little further away from the center of town so parking seems plentiful.

The backyard is not huge but that will do (pig!).
There is also a good sized front porch just in case of rain.  We are rolling the dice and not renting a tent so a plan B area is always a plus.

The second house we fell in love with this weekend.  It seems to be perfect for our party.
Look at that divine porch which will be a huge hit (especially if it rains).  The downside is that that parking may be more difficult at this location and we have to rent it for 3 nights instead of 2 like the other house for slightly more money.
Nice patio area where they can set up the pig and another shot of that gorgeous wrap around porch.
Hello Mr. CS and family!
The backyard is more of a confined space so that might make it seem more crowded but there is plenty of deck space and a nice back porch which I failed to get a picture of.

What is a girl to do?!? We decided to go with.......

Option #2!  Hive, please meet our rehearsal dinner venue.  Yay for birthday/welcome/rehearsal parties.

Are you having an unconventional rehearsal dinner?

*All personal photographs unless noted


  1. They both seem like great places, but I do love the color of the 2nd house. Though that doesnt matter because people are there for you and to celebrate. I would go with the one that has better parking and better price. Good luck.

  2. I looooove place number 2. Parking will be an issue in shore town unless you plan something for January. lol. Good luck!

  3. wow! good luck picking a place but they are both awesome, what a fantastic idea!

  4. I actually think I like the first one better. The aged wood has that great CMP beach feel!