I saw what I saw

There are two items that were completely eliminated from our wedding budget.  The first was transportation.  The ceremony, cocktail hour and reception are all in the same place.  I am getting ready at Congress Hall and Mr. LP is getting ready across the street.  In my mind that makes it a no brainer.  Why would we hire transportation and if we did hire them, where would they take us?!?!

The second item on the chopping block is a videographer.  Originally I thought I didn't want a videographer because what would we ever do with the video except watch it once and then put it on a shelf.  I think you can see where this is going.  Last night I found CinemaCake completely on accident and now I am tearing up at other people's wedding videos.  When Mr. LP walked in the door I announced that we had to have a videographer!  Forget our already stretched too thin budget, I will work every shift this summer at camp.  I am determined to make this happen.

How could you not pine for these videos of your wedding?!?
Then those dreams came screeching to a halt when I found out the price.  Even the most basic package for some of these people cost over $5,000. Ummmm not going to happen.  Just as quickly as it started, my love affair with these videos was over.  I found one duo where the basic package starts at $2,500 but even that seems a little steep for our $0 budget.  

Help!!  Did anyone not hire a videographer and it is your life's one regret?  Have I lost my bridal brain to think this is even a remotely good idea?  Or should I go with the original plan and a get a couple of flip cameras and call it a day!

Hold the phone: What about option C.... use Wedit!?! Any one heard of this company use know anyone that used them?


  1. A videographer was really important to me, especially after hearing how many people said that their one big regret was not having one. I searched FOREVER for a reasonable priced one and I finally found one and he was running a bridal show special, so I get all day coverage of the ceremony and reception as well as well wishes and 5 DVD copies for like $700! Just search and search and search and you might find something.

    I've never heard of wedit, I'm going to have to give it a looksie!

  2. I have always thought videotaping the wedding would be silly, just because I know my parents have NEVER watched theirs. I think this is true for a lot of couples, BUT I also think that there ARE couples out there who DO watch their videos. I want to videotape ours just because my mom's side of the family, who live in Japan, wont be able to come--my grandparents are just too old to travel, and the others can't come because of the cost. I think we are going to just do it amateur style, though to avoid the costs.
    I'm not sure where I read this (one of the blogs I saw on wedding bee I'm sure), but this could also be a fun option:

    I love the idea of giving a few guests a video camera and seeing what they come up with. This might be a cheaper option if you're ok with trusting a friend with the camera.

    Definitely keep us posted on what you end up doing!

  3. I feeeel the pain. I desperately want video, Mr. ST doesn't rwaly care. I am going to ask my uncle and a cousin who are tech savvy to video for us. Just so I have sommmmething. I've heard of the Wedit site but I think it's still expensive! Good luck!

  4. you should look into myflipwedding.com. They'll rent you flipcams and then use your footage to make you a video. It's very reasonably priced!

  5. oh! I just looked at wedit and that's the same thing!! I'm having Myflipwedding at mine so i can let you know how I like them!