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One of the many things I love about wedding planning is getting things in the mail.  It is no longer just bills and jcrew catalogs!  People are actually sending important things to me.  Now I have a reason to go through the mail instead of carrying it in from the mailbox and then letting it sit on the entrance table for days.  It is kind of thrilling.

I don't know anyone but a bride who could get excited about getting envelopes filled with envelopes in the mail.  But color me excited!  Our envelope samples arrived which means we are that much closer to finishing our invites.
I ordered two sets of sample envelopes.  One from Envelopes and one from Envelopemall.  First up;
Oooh so pretty
I ordered a sample of smoke, tan and grocery bag.  I am pretty sure I wanted the grocery bag/kraft paper but I order two other samples just to see.  From this batch I definitely like the grocery bag but the smoke is a strong contender!

And now from 
Almost the same exact order.  I order the size A7 envelopes in Starstream Anthracite, Genesis in Fossil and the Kraft paper.  The other two were nice but it just confirmed that I like the kraft paper.  Hopefully Mr. Cucumber Sammie agrees because I haven't run a single one of these options by him yet.... ooops.

Here are the two kraft options side by side.  I am sure their differences are obvious..... ok I lied they are exactly the same.  The one from came with at 10% off coupon which automatically had me leaning toward those. lets you order in multiples of 50 (50, 100, 150 etc) and only has multiples of 100.  We eventually decided to get 200 envelopes from enevelopemall for a completely arbitrary reason I can't even remember any more. 

Have you gotten any fun packages in the mail recently?  Is it strange to devote an entire post to envelopes?


  1. LOL I got my wedding shoes today, that made me very excited!! Just wait till the gifts start coming in, or the RSVPs..I know I will be running to the mailbox every day!

  2. I agree! Even wedding related junk mail is fun to get.

  3. Nope not weird at all. I got so excited when I got my paper samples. It was a little ridiculous. The only thing I could think of for the extra envelopes are thank you cards.